CBC Has Disgraced Itself

Refusal to describe Hamas as what they are – terrorists – is only further proof that CBC doesn’t represent Canadian values and must be defunded.

CBC has disgraced itself.

And no, I’m not talking about the usual criticisms – fully justified – of CBC being biased towards the government or feeling entitled to endless amounts of taxpayer dollars regardless of whether Canadians want to consume CBC content or not.

I’m talking about the absolute moral bankruptcy of CBC as they refuse to accurately label Hamas as a terrorist organization.

In the past few days, more and more information has emerged detailing how Hamas’ attack on Israel represents one of the most horrific acts of barbarism and violence that has ever been seen in the modern world.

This is no exaggeration.

There are reports that Hamas burned children alive, and even beheaded babies:

“i24NEWS Correspondent @Nicole_Zedek reports from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, a quarter-mile from the Gaza border, and recounts the atrocities that were committed in the small community which remains an active scene as soldiers clear booby traps and recover the bodies of dozens of victims”

Hamas atrocities are so horrific that it is fully accurate to say Hamas is indistinguishable from ISIS – a terrorist group so vile and evil that other murderous terrorist organizations often felt they went too far.

And yet, with all of this horrific information emerging, and with Hamas having long been clearly labelled as a terrorist organization by Canada, the United States, and most of our allies, CBC – the state broadcaster we are all forced to pay for – refuses to do so.

You can read the memo below:


The memo has been confirmed as real:

Now, consider the implications of this.

The memo makes it clear that CBC is deliberately trying to mislead Canadians into not realizing that Israel left Gaza in 2005. Gaza has long had the chance to choose their own path, and the choice made by Gaza was to put Hamas in power and direct money and resources into trying to commit genocide against Israel, rather than building up their own territory and pursuing peace and prosperity.

Further, the memo reads almost like a Hamas propaganda pamphlet, as it seeks to give Hamas a ‘nicer’ label and image rather than calling Hamas terrorists.

And this is what makes CBC’s position so disgusting, so indefensible, and so morally bankrupt.

If mass rape, burning children alive, and beheading babies isn’t ‘terrorism,’ than what is?

Words are supposed to mean something, and Hamas’s vile and evil actions are the very definition of terrorism.

Refusing to call things what they are and refusing to call out evil is a clear example of why CBC must be completely defunded.

Canadians cannot continue to be forced to give our tax dollars to an organization that lacks even the most basic moral compass to call describe vicious terrorists as such.

Now is not the time for morally weak ‘both-sides ism’.

Now is the time for moral clarity, a defence of freedom, a defence of Israel, and a defence of Western values. CBC has shown itself to be unwilling and unable to understand this, and they don’t deserve another cent of our tax dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube