Ontario NDP MPP Slammed For Statement Blaming Israel For Hamas’ Horrific Terrorism

Will the Ontario NDP take swift action to remove Sarah Jama from their caucus?

Unlike other political parties in Canada – where there is a clear demarcation between provincial politics and federal politics – the NDP is just one big party.

Members of the Ontario NDP, or Alberta NDP, are automatically members of the federal NDP Party, and their leader is Jagmeet Singh.

Jagmeet Singh – as Trudeau’s Liberal-NDP Pact partner – is thus part of the Canadian power structure. So, if the NDP has an anti-Semitism problem it is a problem for the whole country, because it could impact policy.

So, when we see Tweets like this from an NDP MPP in Ontario, it is deeply disturbing:


Jama must be removed from Ontario NDP Caucus

Following Jama’s disgraceful statement, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs called for Jama to be removed from the Ontario NDP Caucus:

“Israeli babies beheaded, Israeli young women raped, more than 100 Israeli men, women, & children kidnapped, and 900 & counting murdered at the hands of #Hamas terrorists and THIS is what Ontario MPP @SarahJama_ has to say.

This statement is *filled* with lies that will do nothing to create peace & will only serve to foment hatred against #Canada’s Jewish community.

We call for the immediate removal of Jama.”

So far, Ontario NDP Leader Marit Stiles has only asked for the post to be removed, leaving Jama in the NDP Caucus:


Jagmeet Singh silent

As the head of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh calling for Jama to resign would go a long way towards making it clear that Jama’s attempt to blame Hamas’ horrific terrorism on Israel is unacceptable.

Other NDP members across the country – including incoming Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew – have issued strong statements in support of the Jewish community, so it’s not as if all NDP members are saying the same thing as Jama.

But the refusal to remove her from the Ontario NDP Caucus, and Jagmeet Singh’s silence on the issue – combined with his pathetic ‘both-sides ism’ doesn’t bode well for the future.

A real danger

There is a real danger that we can no longer dismiss.

For years, the far-left has been calling Canada a ‘colonial’ state, and calling for ‘decolonization.’

Now, many of those same left-wing activists are defending or ‘justifying’ Hamas’ horrific terrorist actions – actions such as burning children alive, mass rapes, and massacres of civilians – as ‘decolonization.’

Taking those radical activists at their word, we can assume they believe such acts would be justified here in Canada as well.

Fred Hann – a close Jagmeet Singh ally & the head of CUPE Ontario – has been framing the horrific attack against Israel as ‘resistance’:

“In one post on Sunday, the day after the attacks, Mr. Hahn said he was thankful for “the power of resistance around the globe,” adding that “resistance is fruitful and no matter what some might say, resistance brings progress.” He also shared an image on Instagram stating, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a phrase associated with the destruction of Israel.

On the day of the attacks, Mr. Hahn reposted a statement that said any condemnation of violence is vapid “if it does not begin and end with a condemnation of Israeli apartheid, settler colonialism, and occupation.””

Sarah Jama also appears to have attended the horrific rallies that celebrated Hamas’ evil attack on Israel:

Jagmeet Singh and Marit Stiles must take a strong stance against Jama’s horrendous comments immediately and remove her from the Ontario NDP Caucus and the NDP itself.

Canada must stand with the forces of freedom, democracy, and civilization, not barbarism and terror.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter