CBC Continues To Disgrace Itself

The state broadcaster remains unwilling to clearly and accurately describe Hamas as a terrorist organization, and they are now putting out headlines completely obscuring Hamas’ vile actions.

Yesterday, I wrote about how CBC has disgraced itself by refusing to refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization:

“Hamas atrocities are so horrific that it is fully accurate to say Hamas is indistinguishable from ISIS – a terrorist group so vile and evil that other murderous terrorist organizations often felt they went too far.

And yet, with all of this horrific information emerging, and with Hamas having long been clearly labelled as a terrorist organization by Canada, the United States, and most of our allies, CBC – the state broadcaster we are all forced to pay for – refuses to do so.”


The disgrace continues

As the state broadcaster continues their refusal to label Hamas as terrorists, they evidently aren’t done disgracing themselves.

This time, it’s with a headline that describes the death of a Canadian-Israeli dual citizen at the hands of Hamas terrorists, without even mentioning Hamas:

“The Jewish Federation of Ottawa has confirmed Adi Vital-Kaploun, who has family ties to Ottawa, is dead as a result of the conflict in Israel.

Federation CEO Andrea Freedman said Vital-Kaploun was a proud dual-citizen of Canada and Israel.”

“As a result of the conflict in Israel?”

That is an absolute disgrace of a headline.

It makes it abundantly clear that CBC continues to follow a deliberate editorial line of doing everything possible to downplay the evil of Hamas, and even avoid talking about Hamas entirely.

At a moment when the line between good and evil has never been more clear, CBC is choosing moral relativism and attempting to disguise their cowardice as some sort of ‘balanced’ reporting.

But ignoring the fact that Hamas is responsible for evil terror attacks isn’t ‘balanced,’ it’s dishonest and despicable.

Hamas has perpetrated an evil terrorist attack against Israel, and true journalism and true reporting means describing it exactly as it is: Evil.

By refusing to speak the truth, CBC is failing Canadians and disgracing itself day after day.

Spencer Fernando