Toronto Police Make Three Arrests Following Threats Against The Community Hebrew Academy Of Toronto

Authorities say the Hate Crimes unit is investigating.

Following disgusting pro-Hamas rallies across Canada, we continue to see hateful anti-Semitic attitudes on display in this country.

In Toronto, three males were arrested after the suspects made threats against the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto:


Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT)


-report about 3 males at the school directed to leave by security

-susp then made threats to the school and left property

-officers searched the area and arrested all 3 suspects

-Hate Crimes investigating



Toronto Police also gave an update on security measures being put in place after Hamas terrorists called for violence across the world:

Confronting the hate within Canada

It is sadly no surprise to see this kind of hate rearing its ugly head in Canada even as Israel fights for its life against Hamas – a terrorist organization that explicitly declares their goal is to commit genocide against Jewish People.

Years of refusing to define Canadian values, years of ‘post-nationalism’, and years of just naively assuming everyone thinks the same and every culture is the same has resulted in this country becoming a ‘haven’ for many of the most vile ideologies – including anti-Semitism.

Many of the so-called ‘anti-hate’ groups in Canada have been completely silent on Hamas’ genocidal terrorism against Israel, and have refused to condemn those within Canada who shamefully supported Hamas.

It turns out that when hate is real, undeniable, and totally brutal, many left-wing activists are nowhere to be seen in confronting it.

The sad fact is that anti-Semitism is prevalent in many communities within Canada, and has often been disguised by supposed ‘anti-colonialist’ or ‘resistance’ rhetoric.

Now, the reality of what that rhetoric really means is clear for all to see.

In response to this rising tide of hate, Canadians of good conscience must speak out in defense of Western values, in defense of Israel, and in defense of the Jewish community.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube