POLL: Strong Majority Approves Of Canada’s Support For Israel’s Right To Defend Itself

Those who are cheering on genocidal Hamas terrorists may be loud, but they don’t represent most Canadians.

According to a new Mainstreet Research Survey, a clear majority of Canadians express support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

The poll asked the following question:

“Do you approve or disapprove of the Canadian Government’s support for Israel and its right to defend itself?”

41% said they “strongly approve,” while 21% said they “somewhat approve” for a total of 62% approval.

Meanwhile, 19% said they “neither approve or disapprove.”

By contrast, just 11% said they “strongly disapprove,” while 7% said they “somewhat disapprove,” for a total of 18% disapproval.

Thus, those who agree with Canada’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself dramatically outnumber those who are opposed.

This shows that the absolutely despicable pro-Hamas rallies we’ve seen in this country don’t even come close to representing what most Canadian believe.

That’s a large reason why those sentiments were sown at universities in the first place. If pro-Hamas views were exposed out in the open to the general public, people would be completely repulsed – as many are now repulsed seeing some in this country cheer on the genocidal Hamas terrorists.

But at universities, where the ideas can be spread by radical professors without much public scrutiny, real damage can and has been done.

The anti-Israel pro-Hamas group is on the fringe, it is still very dangerous to have people in this country expressing support for such virulent and genocidal anti-Semitism.

And so, as I said in a recent video – we must all work to ensure that the Jewish community is supported, Israel is supported, and anti-Semitism is confronted:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube