As The Full Extent Of Anti-Semitism In Canadian Universities Is Exposed, There Must Be A Massive Housecleaning At Those Institutions

Why should our country put up with apologists for genocide being incubated at Canadian universities?

Imagine for a moment that there were neo-nazi rallies across Canada full of people chanting for another Holocaust.

Imagine for a moment that many of the organizers of those rallies and many of the attendees were deeply embedded with many of Canada’s most ‘prestigious’ universities.

And imagine for a moment that in response to the neo-nazi rallies, many universities all of a sudden discovered their ‘love’ for ‘free speech’, yet were only willing to apply it to calls for the murder of Jewish People.

How would our leaders react?

You already know.

It would be the biggest story in the nation.

It would lead to mass firings, mass expulsions, likely jail time for those found to have publicly advocated for genocide, and a demand from the public for a complete housecleaning and overhaul of Canadian universities.

But we don’t have to imagine this.

It’s happening right now.

In the streets of some of Canada’s cities, people have been marching in favour of Hamas – a genocidal terrorist organization that openly proclaims their goal is to destroy Israel and thus precipitate another holocaust.

Many of those attending the pro-Hamas rallies are from officially-sanctioned university student groups, and some Hamas apologists are university professors.

Here are some of the most egregious examples – and note, this is just a small sampling. Many have been compiled by Anthony Koch, who has been doing extremely important work in exposing the true depths of anti-Semitism in this country. For his efforts, and for his willingness to call out Hamas supporters as the terrorist-apologists they are, CBC cut ties with him, another example of the truly despicable moral bankruptcy of CBC:

“Our Legal Genius of the day: Professor Mohammed Fadel (@Shanfaraa) of @UofTLaw, here encourages people to provide “UNCONDITIONAL solidarity with Gazans” (this was while the massacres, rapes, and abductions of women and children were still ongoing).

He then makes sure to tell everyone these acts are, in his opinion “not terrorism” and that Palestinians have the “right” to engage in such behaviour.”

“Time to introduce you to another “eminent Legal Scholar” and Law Professor (this time at

While Israeli citizens were being massacred, abducted, and raped Mohammed Fadel (@Shanfaraa) was retweeting suggestions that these crimes should not only be celebrated but that there was nothing to apologize or feel guilty about!”

“These are the executives of the York University’s Graduate Student Association.

This is the YUGSA’s open letter.

The ‘strong act of resistance’ included rape, murder, infanticide, and kidnapping children.”


As noted by Tristin Hopper, the extent of the promotion and celebration of hate and terror is unprecedented:

“Hundreds of people saw the worst act of terror since 9/11 and wanted to celebrate it in our major cities and call for it to continue. They didn’t even try to hide it: These were explicitly organized as pro-terror rallies.”

“Nothing like this has *ever* happened before. The media tried to frame them as “pro-Palestinian” rallies filled with people who were just worried about “the escalating violence,” but they were lying.”

Much of this has been incubated and now unleashed because of what has been happening behind the scenes at Canadian universities.

For years and years, promoters of a vile ideology slowly but surely indoctrinated more and more people, and now those people have been unleashed.

Promoters of Holocaust denial are emboldened:

“Two of the organizers of the pro-Hamas rallies in the GTA this weekend have promoted Holocaust denial. Hold the politicians who attend these rallies accountable. Do not allow the media to sanitize and downplay the hatred that these rallies have incited. 1/3”

And this brings us back to the point I made at the outset.

In every way, the surge of anti-Semitism and promotion of Hamas’s genocidal terrorism matches the very deepest depths of evil Nazi ideology.

Yet, because the modern anti-Semitic movement hides behind rhetoric like ‘decolonization’ ‘victimhood,’ ‘oppressed,’ and ‘pro-Palestinian,’ little action has been taken.

That must end.

When we say Never Again, we must mean it.

And right now, that means undertaking a massive housecleaning of Canadian universities.

Enough is enough.

Funding to universities going forward must be tied to the removal of all anti-Semitic professors and staff, the shutting down of all anti-Semitic student groups and student unions, the strict enforcement of legislation against promoting terror and promoting genocide, and significantly increased oversight and intervention into those institutions to ensure that our universities – which receive a ton of taxpayer funding – stop churning out terrorist apologists and stop employing people who are trying to feed into an evil ideology that is pushing for another Holocaust.

If mass firings, mass removal of funding, and mass expulsions are what it takes, then so be it.

Our nation faces a real threat from the sick anti-Semitic ideology that has been spreading at our universities, and it is long past time to take action to stop that ideology from spreading any further.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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