REPREHENSIBLE: Garbage Coverage Of Hamas Terrorism Shows CBC Is Dangerously Estranged From Canadian Values

Every day brings more evidence of why it is unacceptable for Canadians to be forced to pay for the state broadcaster.

Let’s take a look at what Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe – a CBC host who still has her job – has to say about Canada’s closest ally:

Tetteh-Wayoe made her remarks following Hamas’s evil terror attack on Israel, as more and more evidence emerged of Hamas’s horrific crimes – including beheading children, burning families alive, mass rape, mass torture, and mass murder.

Watching all of that, Tetteh-Wayoe chose to declare the United States – not Hamas, not China, not Russia, not Iran – as the ‘biggest terror’ in the world.

Tetteh-Wayoe continues to host a show at CBC Music.

Now, let’s look at somebody who the CBC removed as a contributor:

As Aaron Gunn explained on Twitter, CBC’s move is an absolute disgrace:

“Apparently, denouncing a terrorist organization, and those that support them, is unacceptable behaviour for the taxpayer-funded CBC.

Meanwhile, they’ll continue parroting Hamas talking points and platforming far-Left extremists.

The pink slips can’t come soon enough.”

Now, let’s be very clear about what actually happened here.

Sarah Jama attended a rally that included support for Hamas – a genocidal terrorist organization. Hamas has taken Canadian Citizens hostage, and has killed five Canadians in their ongoing terror spree.

It is entirely understandable for Anthony Koch or any Canadian to use strong rhetoric towards politicians who march in rallies that include pro-genocide sentiment.

The fact that critics of Koch and CBC itself are more worried about some strong rhetoric than they are about people attending rallies that feature genocidal anti-Semitic views is absolutely appalling.

Additionally, Anthony Koch has been among the most – if not the most – prolific in terms of exposing the depths of anti-Semitism in Canada, exposing those in universities who are making vile pro-Hamas statements, and in rightfully demanding that Canada actually live up to our stated values and take action to fight back against genocidal anti-Semites.

In short, Koch is pushing to ensure that “Never Again” really means “Never Again.”

Koch has been doing a great service to Canada, and if CBC was truly grounded in Canadian values, they would have praised his stance instead of removing him.

Furthermore, with everything that is happening, with Hamas committing horrific and evil crimes, and with people in our own country marching in favour of Hamas, are Jewish Canadians expected to just be quiet and take it?

Why should the Jewish community put up with such horrific genocidal violence and rhetoric against them?

Why should Canadians who support the Jewish community put up with Jewish people being threatened and targeted in our country by those who have nothing but contempt for Western Civilization and human rights?

Why should politicians who claim to support human rights and freedom put up with pro-genocide rallies?

And why should we be forced to pay for CBC when they are just fine with one of their hosts making anti-American statements, but gets rid of someone for opposing Hamas’s pure evil terrorism?

Biased coverage = Pro Hamas coverage

As if CBC’s horrendous personnel moves aren’t disgraceful enough, the network refuses to refer to Hamas terrorists as terrorists.

And, in a recent interview that matches the tone of much of their coverage, the network seemed intent on blaming Israel for humanitarian issues in Gaza while giving Hamas a free pass, ignoring Hamas stopping civilians from fleeing, and in effect demanding that Israel be blamed simply for defending itself.

IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus rightfully expressed his distaste for CBC’s bias:

“I try not to raise my voice during interviews, but I felt the line of questioning by @CBCNews here was totally off. We are trying to do the right thing by calling on civilians to evacuate, yet get lectured on humanity.”

CBC does this all the time.

They assign zero responsibility to Hamas, and they ignore the fact that Hamas is deliberately using civilians in Gaza as human shields.

Instead they pin the blame on Israel.

We must refer to this garbage coverage as exactly what it is. In the face of Hamas’s vile terrorism, coverage biased against Israel is coverage that is biased in favour of Hamas.

That’s what CBC is doing, and it is reprehensible.

Estranged from Canadian values

Like many of Canada’s universities, CBC increasingly represents a radical far-left fringe that is totally out of touch with Canadians.

As I reported here, a strong majority of Canadians supports Israel.

POLL: Strong Majority Approves Of Canada’s Support For Israel’s Right To Defend Itself

And of course, aside from the disturbingly loud group of extremists, very few Canadians supports Hamas.

All Canadians of good conscience would describe Hamas as terrorists, something CBC refuses to do.

So, Canadians are being forced to fund a public broadcaster that is out of touch with our true values, and which refuses to use the word “terrorists” to describe a terrorist group that has kidnapped and murdered Canadians.

Our country deserves better than this. CBC must be defunded.

Spencer Fernando

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