Conservatives Demand CBC Answer For Biased Coverage Of Hamas’ Terror Attacks

“CBC must answer for downplaying Hamas’ violence, including against Israeli babies, and spreading intentional disinformation,” said Conservative Shadow Minister for Canadian Heritage Rachael Thomas.

As outrage has grown over CBC’s disgraceful coverage of Hamas’ genocidal terror campaign against Israel, Canada’s main opposition party is demanding answers.

The Conservatives have introduced a motion calling for a Parliamentary committee to look into CBC’s coverage – and get answers from those directly involved in the despicable decision not to refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization.

“CBC must answer for downplaying Hamas’ violence, including against Israeli babies, and spreading intentional disinformation.

Canadians, especially the Jewish community, demand answers.

On Tuesday, Conservatives will call for this matter to be studied at committee.”

Here’s what the Conservatives are calling for in their motion:

“Given that,

– Hamas has been a declared terrorist organization by the Government of Canada since 2002, and

– The horrific Hamas terrorist attack against Israel left thousands of innocent people dead and injured, and

– That an email directive sent from the Director of Journalist Standards of CBC News, Mr. George Achi, to all employees of CBC News, directed them to downplay coverage of the horrific, sadistic, violence perpetrated by Hamas against innocent people in Israel by not referring to the attackers as terrorists, and to falsely claim that Gaza continued to be under occupation after Israel had pulled out in 2005,

– The CBC receives $1.4 billion in public funding through taxpayer dollars annually, and that this committee has a mandate to review Government expenditures, 

The Committee:

a. Denounce Mr. Ahci’s comments and report this to the House

b. Summon the President of the CBC, Catherine Tait to appear for 2 hours by herself within seven days of the motion being adopted,

c. Summon the CBC Director of Journalistic Standards, George Achi,

d. Invite the CBC ombudsman Mr. Jack Nagler, to appear for a minimum of 2 hours to address the CBC’s position on Journalistic Standards and Practices.

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman also did a video on the issue.

“If the CBC can’t call an organization that murders the elderly, kidnaps children and rapes women the terrorist organization that they are, they don’t deserve taxpayer money.

We’re bringing this to Parliament because Canadians are paying for it.”

This is an important first step in getting some accountability for what has been an absolute moral and ethical failure by CBC. At a time when the Canadian death toll from Hamas’ evil terror attack on Israel continues to rise, CBC is still putting forth a despicable false equivalence between Israel – a democratic state that seeks to minimize civilian casualties – and Hamas – a genocidal terrorist organization that deliberately seeks to maximize civilian deaths.

CBC must be defunded, but since that won’t happen until the Liberals are out of power, holding them accountable as much as possible and calling out their disgraceful coverage is the next best alternative.

Spencer Fernando

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