The Liberals & NDP Have Rejected A Conservative Move To Hold CBC Accountable For Failing To Call Hamas A Terrorist Organization

Why are we forced to pay for a morally-bankrupt institution?

With the Conservatives demanding CBC be held accountable for the state broadcaster’s refusal to accurately call Hamas a terrorist organization, the Liberals & NDP have chosen to line up against that accountability.

A Conservative effort at a Parliamentary Committee would have summoned the head of the CBC to answer for what many are rightfully calling the anti-Semitic slant of the network.

After all, CBC has been seeking to draw a false equivalence between Israel – a democratic state and Canadian ally – and Hamas – a genocidal terrorist organization that openly admits they seek the complete destruction of Israel – which would be a second Holocaust.

Even with Hamas being officially listed as a terrorist organization by the Government of Canada, CBC refuses to label them as such.

A top CBC official even sent out a memo urging CBC reporters not to mention that Israel had completely withdrawn from the Gaza strip over a decade ago, and ordered reporters not to call Hamas a terrorist organization.

Such a despicable move is not only bad reporting – since it denies the truth about Hamas – but is also a massive insult to the Canadian Jewish community and to the families of those who lost loved ones due to brutal Hamas terror.

The Canadian death toll from Hamas’ terror attack has now six, and with some Canadians missing following Hamas’ attack there is a high likelihood Canadians are being held hostage by the terrorists.

Amid all of this, CBC still refuses to call Hamas what it is – a vile terrorist organization.

And rather than stand up for the truth and stand up for our values as Canadians, the Liberals and NDP chose to provide cover for CBC’s moral bankruptcy:


Liberal-NDP government just voted to protect the CBC and endorse their position to not call Hamas terrorists.

They refused to summon the President of the CBC to committee to answer for their antisemitism.”

This is a disgraceful move by the Liberal-NDP Pact.

It is especially egregious for the Liberals, who have made a big deal about their support for Israel with words, but have failed to match those words up with actions.

Justin Trudeau – who is always glad to use government power against those he deems hateful – has done nothing as people march in favour of those who support Hamas’ genocidal ideology. He and the Liberals rejected a move to list the IRGC – a key funder and supporter of Hamas – as a terrorist organization. And he was quick to jump on reports – based on Hamas terrorists statements – blaming Israel for the destruction of a hospital in Gaza, even as more and more evidence emerged showing it was most likely an Islamist terrorist missile that hit it.

This country – and particularly Jewish Canadians who are feeling incredibly vulnerable right now – deserve far better from our government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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