Jagmeet Singh Still Hasn’t Deleted His Post Spreading Hamas’ Propaganda Against Israel, And Now He’s Making Even Worse Claims

The first chance he got, Singh spread misinformation pushed by a terrorist group, and then called for a ‘ceasefire’ that would protect Hamas from retaliation for their horrific attack against Israel.

Yesterday, Jagmeet Singh posted this on Twitter:

“Bombing a hospital is a violation of International Law.

There must be a ceasefire. Now.”

Singh – who was slow to comment on Hamas’ horrific attack against Israel – wasted absolutely no time spreading a claim that Israel supposedly bombed a hospital.

Those claims were completely unproven and unverified at the time, yet Singh spread them anyway.

Those claims were made by Hamas – a terrorist organization that openly admits their goal is to destroy Israel and commit genocide – yet Singh spread those claims anyway.

Those claims led – as anyone with half a brain knew they would – to horrendous incitement against Jewish People around the world, attacks on Synagogues, and increased threats against Israel, yet Singh spread them anyway.

Yet, even as the news organizations that fell for Hamas’ propaganda start to backtrack and admit their error, Singh hasn’t deleted his message.

“from the bbc: “based on available evidence, it appears the explosion happened in a courtyard which is part of the hospital site. images of the ground after the blast do not show significant damage to surrounding hospital buildings.”

nyt: “a small impact crater, caused by the munition that hit the area, was visible close to the parking lot. damage could be seen on some of the surrounding buildings and structures: roof tiles were blown off a church, an ambulance port and a building. windows in a building housing a cancer diagnostic center were shattered.””

Remember, initial reports – based on Hamas’ claims – were that a hospital was destroyed and hundreds were killed. Those reports – based on claims by Hamas terrorists – blamed Israel.

Yet, Singh’s statement is still there.

And even worse, he’s now accusing Israel – yes, the country fighting against an openly genocidal terror organization – of “sowing the seeds of genocide.”

“NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh prompted a strong response from MPs in the House of Commons following comments he made that the Israeli Defence Force was sowing “the seeds of genocide” in Gaza.”

Let’s not talk around what’s happening here.

The Leader of the NDP – Justin Trudeau’s de facto coalition partner and the man with the balance of power in the House of Commons – has chosen to spread propaganda from a terrorist organization, has chosen not to apologize or retract his statement spreading that propaganda, and is now doubling down by lobbing further horrendous accusations against Israel.

As reported by True North, Singh was given repeated opportunities to clarify his remarks, yet each time chose not to:

“Singh’s comments were then met with a point blank question from Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather.

“Yes or no, do you believe Israel is committing or is about to commit genocide?” asked Housefather.

“I understand there are very real emotions,” replied Singh.

Liberal MP for Winnipeg South Centre Ben Carr then asked Singh for clarification on his previous comments.

“Perhaps I misunderstood him, but it sounds to me that he was suggesting Israel is committing or on the verge of committing genocide. The definition of genocide has a particularly important adjective, ‘deliberate.’”

Then Conservative deputy leader Melissa Lantsman, who is herself Jewish, asked Singh to clarify his statement.

“I am going to ask him one more time if he believes – and this is a serious matter – that Israel is committing or is about to commit genocide?” asked Lantsman.

“We know there are innocent people in Gaza,” replied Singh.”

It is an absolute disgrace, and all Canadians of good conscience must see this for what it is: A deliberate attempt by a Canadian politician to pander to the very worst hatreds and evils for some short-term political gain.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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