WATCH: After Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong Asks The Government To Finally Correct The Record After The Government Spread Hamas’ Lies, Melanie Joly Refuses To Do So

The disgrace and damage adds up with each moment the government refuses to acknowledge what is already known: Hamas lied.

Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong gave the Liberal government a clear opportunity to finally correct the record.

After the United States, endless open source intelligence, and even the irresponsible news networks that first spread the Hamas lies about a ‘bombing’ of a hospital in Gaza, made it clear that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad Rocket, not an Israeli strike, that was the cause, there is zero excuse for the Liberals to delay the acknowledgement of reality.

They instantly jumped out and responded when Hamas first started spreading lies, yet they are now taking their sweet time in fixing their horrific error.

And at this point, it doesn’t even seem like they think it’s an error.

Rather, they are trying to score political points from some of the same people who have been marching in pro Hamas rallies – rallies that featured thinly-veiled calls for genocide against Israel.

So, given the opportunity to retract and clarify their statements, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly refused, instead spouting off some garbage talking points without meaning:

“The U.S. has the world’s largest intelligence network.

Based on that intelligence, President Biden has said the State of Israel & the IDF were not responsible for the explosion at the Gaza hospital.

Why isn’t the foreign minister correcting & clarifying the record?”

I’m running out of ways to say this, but this is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

There is no magic intel Canada has that the US doesn’t.

The government has already indicated that the information they have matches what the U.S. has, information that was more than good enough for multiple U.S. agencies, the military, top officials in both parties, and the U.S. President to make it clear that Israel is not responsible and that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket.

But they are refusing to say it, letting precious time tick away and letting the blood libel against Israel continue.

All Canadians of good conscience should be enraged at how absolutely pathetic our government is.

Spencer Fernando

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