As France’s DRM Military Intel Agency Says Evidence Points To “Palestinian Rocket,” Not Israeli Strike, Justin Trudeau’s Refusal To Acknowledge The Obvious Looks Worse And Worse

Justin Trudeau is playing politics at a time when anti-Semites are seeking to gin up hate against Jewish People around the world.

Justin Trudeau’s isolation is deepening.

With the United States making clear that the evidence points to a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad – not Israel – hitting near a hospital in Gaza, France is now saying the same:

“France’s DRM military intelligence agency said Friday that there was no evidence that an Israeli strike had caused the explosion at the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza that killed hundreds of people.

“The most probable hypothesis is that a Palestinian rocket exploded with a charge of about five kilos,” on Tuesday, the Directorate of Military Intelligence said, adding there was “nothing to indicate… an Israeli strike”.”

The DRM decided to make its analysis public at the request of the French presidency in the interests of transparency, it said.

The DRM said it identified a hole at the blast site, not a crater, about one metre (three foot) by 75 centimetres, and 30-40 centimetres deep.

“It takes about five kilograms of explosives to produce this effect, certainly less than 10 kilograms,” he said.

The statement said an Israeli bomb or missile was unlikely to be behind such an impact because the minimum charge of such weaponry is much higher.

A charge of five kilograms would be consistent with rockets acquired or manufactured by Palestinian groups.”

Notice how the information is being made public at the request of the French Presidency. This means Emmanuel Macron – who has been a staunch supporter of Israel and who is cracking down on pro-terror protests – wants to make sure people know Israel didn’t do it. He is showing leadership and moral fibre, a stark contrast from Trudeau.

France 24 is quoting a “European military source,” who is saying the same thing:

“Having examined images showing the damage at the point of impact at al-Ahli hospital, a European military source interviewed by FRANCE 24 contested Hamas’s version of events, taking into account the weapons likely to have been used and the context in which the strike took place.

Satellite images of the impact appear to show little structural damage to the hospital buildings and a relatively small blast zone from the explosion. The point of impact appears to be a 30-cm-deep hole measuring roughly one-metre-by-75 cm in diameter. This damage pattern is consistent with a rocket carrying around 5 kg of explosives, and no more than 10kg, according to the source. A metal object visible in the bottom of the hole seems to have an oblique inclination, which the source interprets as the result of a south-to-north trajectory.”

In addition, Germany is seeking to deport Hamas supporters “where possible”:

And the EU Parliament recently approved a resolution that included – among other things – a call for Hamas to be “eliminated.” You’ll note that is similar language to that used by Canada’s UN Ambassador Bob Rae, language Trudeau was shamefully unwilling to echo.

Trudeau’s isolation

Amid all of this, Justin Trudeau looks more and more isolated.

His ongoing refusal to admit that Hamas lied to the world, and his refusal to make it clear that Israel did not strike the hospital parking lot, looks worse and worse every minute.

Especially given that Trudeau claims he is working with Canada’s allies, yet our allies are making clear that Hamas lied. So, what exactly is Trudeau working on?

At a time when the most vicious and rabid anti-Semites are emboldened and are spreading hate against Jewish People around the world, Justin Trudeau is refusing to put to rest a story that has been used to demonize Israel and demonize the Jewish community.

Justin Trudeau repeatedly claimed he “stood with Israel,” yet he seems to have started backing off that stance the moment it got even a little bit difficult and ‘controversial.’

Of course, standing with Israel and standing with the Jewish community means nothing unless we do so precisely when it becomes difficult, because that is when it really matters. That is the true test of commitment and values, and it’s a test Justin Trudeau is failing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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