“An Act Of Support Of Terrorism”: Israel Slams Russia For Hosting Hamas Terrorist Officials In Moscow

“Israel condemns the invitation of senior Hamas officials to Moscow, which is an act of support of terrorism, and legitimizes the atrocities of Hamas terrorists,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat.

Since Hamas’ horrific terror attack on Israel, Russia has taken an increasingly anti-Israel, pro-Hamas stance.

Top Russian officials almost immediately called for a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin even compared Israel’s ‘blockade’ on Gaza to the Nazi siege of Leningrad in WW2, a disgraceful comparison that obviously generated outrage.

Russia’s links to Iran – the main sponsor of Hamas – has also drawn increasing attention since Hamas’ terror campaign began.

Now, Israel’s foreign ministry is calling out Russia, in the wake of Russia hosting Hamas terrorist officials in Moscow:

“Hamas is a terror organization that is worse than ISIS.

The hands of senior Hamas officials are stained with the blood of over 1400 Israelis who were slaughtered, murdered, executed and burned. They are responsible for the kidnapping of over 220 Israelis, including babies, children, women and the elderly.

Israel condemns the invitation of senior Hamas officials to Moscow, which is an act of support of terrorism, and legitimizes the atrocities of Hamas terrorists.

We call on the Russian government to expel the Hamas terrorists immediately.”

As many around the world have realized, the United States remains the undisputed moral leader. When the chips are down, when genocidal anti-Semitic terrorists seek the mass murder of Jewish People, it has been the United States – not Russia or China – that has rushed to provide military assistance and support to the Jewish State.

By contrast, Russia has sought to promote a disgusting false equivalence between democratic Israel and Hamas terrorists, and Russia’s ongoing support for Iran is thus also tacit support for Hamas.

Hamas also seems quite pleased with Russia:

The comments by the Israeli Foreign Ministry are not the only example of Israel noting that Russia and China are refusing to support Israel’s fight against Hamas. Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations recently thanked the United States, while criticizing countries (including Russia and China) that voted against resolutions affirming Israel’s right to defend itself:

This must be a further wake up call for people in the West. The enemies of the free world are all working together, and the West must confront them all.

Iran & Hamas’ attack on Israel, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s increasing aggression and threats against Taiwan are all part of the same authoritarian effort to plunge our world into chaos, war, and oppression.

The Western world must rearm, rediscover our confidence in our core principles as a civilization, and stand strong against those who seek to destroy freedom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab