Canadian Press Retracts THREE Separate Falsehoods From Anti-Poilievre Story

Imagine if Trudeau got his way and the legacy press was all that was left…

The Canadian Press is the wire service for much of the legacy media.

Thus, one Canadian Press story can quickly propagate in newspapers and news websites across the nation.

So, when they get something wrong, it means a whole bunch of other people will get something wrong, and a whole bunch more people will be badly misinformed.

But what happens when the Canadian Press gets THREE THINGS WRONG in just one story?

That’s exactly what happened.

In a recent anti-Poilievre story, the Canadian Press made three separate ‘errors’.

Here’s the statement they released:

“In a headline on a story published Monday, The Canadian Press erroneously reported that Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre cited Sikh aggression toward Indian envoys when blaming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Canada’s poor relations with India. In fact, Poilievre did not mention Sikhs during his interview with Namaste Radio Toronto, which was the basis for the story.

The Canadian Press also erroneously reported that Poilievre blamed Trudeau for “Aggression shown to ? Indian diplomates at public events.” In fact, Poilievre did not link those remarks to Trudeau.

As well, the store erroneously reported the World Sikh Organization of Canada had argued that Poilievre was indirectly pointing the finger at Sikhs. In fact, the groups lawyer Balpreet Singh had argued that Poilievre was wrong to point the finger at anyone other than the Indian government.”

Those are three huge errors – ALL IN ONE STORY.

This obviously raises questions about how many lies and distortions have gone unnoticed and unchallenged, and how widely those lies and distortions have spread.

This is especially dangerous now, at a time when Hamas propaganda against Israel is spreading like wildfire and inciting a surge of anti-Semitism, and at a time when authoritarian regimes like those of China, Russia, and Iran are spreading anti-Western and anti-democratic propaganda in an effort to destabilize our societies.

Now, just imagine what would happen if Trudeau got his way and was able to crush all independent media and further restrict free expression online. Canadians would be left with nothing but the same unreliable legacy media that swallowed and regurgitated Hamas propaganda and that has now made three huge mistakes in one story in an attempt to smear the Conservative Leader.

It would be absolutely disastrous, and would leave Canadians far less informed, and far less able to know what is really going on in our country and the world.

That’s why we must stand against censorship efforts being pushed by the Liberal government, because our democracy and our access to truthful information relies upon those censorship efforts being defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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