Jagmeet Singh STILL Hasn’t Deleted His Tweet Spreading Hamas’ Lies Against Israel

What the hell is he waiting for?

It’s now been over a week since Hamas falsely claimed Israel ‘bombed’ a hospital in Gaza.

It’s been a week since those claims completely collapsed and the big media organizations that initially believed Hamas began to admit they were duped by the genocidal terrorist organization.

And it’s been since Saturday that the Canadian government finally admitted what was already known: Israel didn’t bomb the hospital. Hamas lied.

Yet, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh STILL has not deleted his October 17th Tweet in which he spread Hamas’s false claims:

You’ll note that Singh says “bombing a hospital,” which is now known to be a lie. The hospital wasn’t bombed. Rather, the parking lot was hit by a missile fired by Palestinian terrorists.

Singh also quotes – and thus spreads – a Tweet that also repeats Hamas’ lies, blaming Israel for a ‘bombing’ that didn’t happen.

So why the hell hasn’t Singh deleted it?

What the hell is he waiting for?

Sadly, we know the answer.

Singh – who generated significant outrage last week even from some Liberal MPs when he disgustingly accused Israel of ‘sowing the seeds of genocide’ – is pandering to the anti-Semitic extremists in this country in the pursuit of votes.

He sees more political gain in leaving the lie out there than he does in correcting it.

At a moment when Jewish Canadians are facing a massive surge in anti-Semitism, and when genocidal terror groups and hateful extremists feel emboldened, Jagmeet Singh is choosing to perpetuate lies spread by those genocidal terrorists and is choosing to feed into – rather than stand against – the rise of anti-Semitism.

Jagmeet Singh’s actions are absolutely disgusting, and his refusal to delete his lie-spreading Tweet is an indictment of both his judgment and his character.

Spencer Fernando


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