Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell Slammed For Praising Rally Organized By Account That Posted Holocaust Denial & Harassed Jewish Canadians

“Her stupidity is enshrined in official letterhead with the seal of the House of Commons,” said Documenting Antisemitism.

Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell has often shown herself to be one of the less intellectually inclined members of the Liberal Caucus.

But even with that in mind, her latest move is quite a shock.

MP O’Connell is praising a rally organized by an account that has not only denied the Holocaust, but also participated in the harassment of Jewish Canadians.

All of it has been laid out in detail by Documenting Antisemitism:

“The “Durham Car Rally” that Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell has thanked for “clearly standing against Antisemitism” is organized by Toronto4Palestine. Toronto4Palestine have incited antisemitic hatred and violence against Canadian Jews over the last two weeks 1/13 #Antisemitism”

“On October 7th, while the murder of civilians in Israel was still being live-streamed on social media, Toronto4Palestine rushed to organize a celebratory banner drop and to hand out sweets. Their banner drop was attended by multiple antisemites. 2/13”

“Several days later, Toronto4Palestine began to deny that the massacre occurred and spread Holocaust denial on Instagram. 3/12”

“At another celebratory rally they organized on October 9, “Khaybar, Khaybar” was chanted at Jews. This chant refers to the 7th century slaughter of over 100 Jews who refused to convert to Islam. It is also used as a Hamas war cry. 4/13”

“At the same rally, they played the sound of “Tzeva Adom”, the Israeli early-warning radar system warning civilians of missiles. They clap and cheer and say “listen to the beauty”. Then, in Arabic: “Zionist, hide, hide” 5/13”

“Two weeks later, Toronto4Palestine was harassing patrons at Jewish-owned Cafe Landwer and demanding to “boycott the Zionist cafe”. 6/13”

“Yesterday, Toronto4Palestine showed up at a public school for a student walkout in support of Palestine. They stalk a group of students and administrators not participating in the protest and imply that the TDSB cares more about “Jewish children” 7/13”

“Due to this overwhelming evidence of hatred and antisemitism, the Jewish community approached O’Connell about their concerns. Her response is reproduced below. 8/13”

“She immediately rushes to the defence of the rally and even thanks the organizers for “clearly standing against antisemitism”! Her stupidity is enshrined in official letterhead with the seal of the House of Commons. 9/13”

“In the last two days a Jewish home was shot at in Winnipeg for having a mezuzah. A Jewish woman was physically assaulted in Toronto after being asked her religion. There have been hundreds of incidents of antisemitic graffiti. 10/13”

“Yet despite the evidence, politicians like O’Connell continue to normalize antisemitism and to gaslight Jews. 11/13”

“In March 2023, O’Connell stood up in Parliament and asked if there should be “consequences… for members of this House who meet with known Nazis, who spread misinformation, who glorify the Holocaust”. 12/13”

“Well @JenOConnell_- should there be consequences? 13/13”

Lantsman slams O’Connell’s ignorance

Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman called out O’Connell’s defence of such a horrific organization:

“Hey @JenOConnell_ this is what you’re amplifying.

I hope you delete this out of respect for your own caucus colleagues if you don’t care what this says to Canadians who find this deeply offensive.

If you don’t understand this. Call someone who does, they’ll explain why. #cdnpoli

These are the organizers you are supporting.”

At this point, stupidity is O’Connell’s best defence. The most charitable way to look at this is that O’Connell is simply not smart enough to realize what she is defending.

The alternative of course, is far worse.

Because if O’Connell actually understands what she’s doing, then she is far more than just an ignorant fool, she is someone willing to pander to the most vile hateful attitudes to try and win a few votes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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