WATCH: Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Says Province Will Stop Collecting Carbon Tax On Natural Gas If Liberals Don’t Expand Exemption

Trudeau has already destroyed any political or economic justification for the carbon tax. Now, we are watching the carbon tax collapse in real time.

The carbon tax is a ‘dead-policy’ walking.

How long it lingers remains to be seen, but it’s almost impossible to imagine it continuing for much longer.

Support for the carbon tax was already collapsing as Canadians realized that Canada could do nothing about global emissions and thus the tax did nothing but make our country poorer.

Then, Trudeau went and gave an exemption to the tax for home heating oil, something that was mainly directed at trying to save Liberal seats in Atlantic Canada.

That move represented a simultaneous acknowledgment that the tax makes life more expensive, and that it was a purely-political scam all along, rather than a necessary policy to supposedly ‘save the planet.’

So, having destroyed both the economic and political justification for the carbon tax, not to mention dividing Canadians by giving breaks to some regions but not others, it was only a matter of time before the collapse of the carbon tax picked up steam.

And that’s what we are seeing today.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has announced that – unless Ottawa extends the carbon tax exemption to Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada, the Saskatchewan government will stop collecting the carbon tax as of January 1st, 2024:

“Today I am calling on the federal government to offer the same carbon tax exemption to Saskatchewan families by extending it to all forms of home heating, not just heating oil. It’s only fair to other Saskatchewan and Canadian families.”

“Hopefully, that exemption will be provided soon. But if not, effective Jan. 1, SaskEnergy will stop collecting and submitting the carbon tax on natural gas – effectively providing Saskatchewan residents with the very same exemption that the federal government is giving heating oil in Atlantic Canada.”

This is a great move by Premier Moe, and it’s something we should expect to see other Premiers demand.

You can’t run a country effectively by giving specific tax breaks to regions that vote for the party currently in government while screwing over everyone else. Such ‘governance’ is what we see in dysfunctional third world countries, and it’s absolutely disgraceful to see the Liberals going in that direction with their carbon tax exemptions for regions with lots of Liberal MPs.

By making clear that Saskatchewan will push back, Scott Moe is also pushing back against Trudeau’s third-world-style governance, and it’s time for Premiers across the country to follow Moe’s example and help ensure the carbon tax collapses as quickly as possible so Canadians can finally get a break.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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