As Their Poll Numbers Collapse, The Increasingly Unhinged Liberals – Who Spent Months Avoiding An Inquiry Into Communist China’s Interference In Canadian Elections – Are Now Calling Pierre Poilievre “Dangerous For The State Of Democracy”

How low will they go?

The Liberals have tried it all.

Accusations of racism.

Accusations of being far-right.

Accusations of planning huge ‘cuts’.

Accusations of being too ‘American’.

On and on and on it goes, as the Liberals search in vain for an attack line that will work against Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives.

Not only is Poilievre the best communicator the Liberals have faced in a long time, but the state of the country is so horrible that most people are tuning out what the Liberals say.

After all, once your time in power starts to approach a decade, you simply can’t credibly blame anyone else for Canada’s obvious decline.

Still, the Liberals keep trying to find that one magic phrase that will turn around their moribund polling position.

Their latest gambit is one of the oddest.

Accusing Poilievre of being a “danger to democracy”:

Amazingly, Marc Miller was once seen as one of the more respectable members of the Trudeau cabinet. But, as many have before him, Miller has chosen to debase himself in defence of Trudeau’s indefensible ‘leadership’ of our country, and further ruins his reputation with each unhinged partisan statement.

Miller’s remarks also provide a good insight into how the Liberal government views democracy. Apparently, democracy is when they stay in power despite losing the popular vote in two consecutive elections, and when they get a de facto majority due to a deal with the NDP despite nobody in Canada voting for that.

And – as the Liberals see it – threats to democracy are when the elected Leader of the Opposition criticizes the government and holds a massive lead in the polls.

Obviously, the Liberals feel completely entitled to rule over Canadians, and they are becoming more and more enraged as Canadians turn against them.

Let’s remember that the Liberals allowed Communist China to undermine Canadian democracy for years, and did everything possible to stop a public inquiry into that interference. Out of a lust for power, the Liberals were willing to sell out our cherished democratic institutions to a ruthless Communist State.

The Liberals are right that Canada is facing a threat to democracy, but that threat is coming from the Trudeau government itself.

Spencer Fernando

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