JolyGPT: Word-Salad Speech By Foreign Affairs Minister Shows The Liberal Government Has No Idea How To Deal With A More Dangerous World

Efforts to play both sides and ‘engage’ will only signal weakness and distract from the need to rearm, the need to deepen ties with our democratic allies, and the need to recognize that we are in a new Cold War whether we like it or not.

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly recently delivered a speech responding to the rapidly-escalating tensions in the Middle East, tensions which have only exacerbated the deepening divide between the world’s democracies and the authoritarian states seeking to overturn the global order.

Yet, if you were expecting Joly to finally show a recognition of the danger facing the Western world and lay out a response to the growing threats we face, you would have been disappointed.

Instead, Joly’s speech seems as if it was based on a Chat GPT prompt.

Here are some of the excerpts she posted on Twitter:

“Our world is marked by geopolitical turbulence, unpredictability and uncertainty. The tectonic plates of the world order are shifting beneath our feet. And, the structures that are built upon them are fracturing. Bad actors seek to re-shape the very rules that have kept us safe.”

“At this moment of global crises and deep uncertainty, Canada can make significant contributions to meet this challenge.

To do so, our foreign policy will be guided by two principles:

Vigorously defending our sovereignty.

Using pragmatic diplomacy.”

“We must resist the temptation to divide the world into rigid ideological camps. We cannot afford to close ourselves off from those with whom we do not agree. Therefore, with rare exceptions, Canada will engage.”

“Canada will work to promote respect for international laws and norms. For sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Understanding that threats to international security are threats to our shared prosperity.”

“We must build on our diplomatic legacy, reinforce the international system that has brought about global stability, and reshape it to become more inclusive.”

First of all, the fact that the Liberals are still using terms like “inclusive” in 2023 to discuss foreign policy is disturbing.

It shows a total lack of seriousness, and a ‘kumbaya’ attitude that is completely out of step with the attitude necessary to deal with the world as it exists today.

You’ll also surely have noticed that Joly’s remarks appear to be a bunch of disconnected buzzwords and phrases all added together in a desperate attempt to convey gravitas and insight, an attempt which completely failed.

Joly’s speech would have been defensible – barely – had it been delivered in 2015, when one of the biggest issues on the minds of Canadians was how to manage our balanced budget and whether or not to legalize marijuana.

Since then, China has embarked upon a massive military build up, lied to the world about a virus which then spread around the planet, made increasingly threatening moves against Taiwan, crushed democracy in Hong Kong, and are currently using cultural reprogramming and forced sterilization to try and wipe out the Uyghurs. China also continues to poison the minds of Western youth through TikTok, where anti-Western and anti-Semitic content runs rampant.

Russia launched an unprovoked full scale invasion of Ukraine, has shifted to a full war-time economy, and has deepened their ties with both China and Iran in the hopes of weakening the West and making the world ‘safe’ for autocracy and oppression. They are now being resupplied by North Korea, a country with a GDP smaller than many Canadian provinces yet which can somehow outproduce much of the West in terms of artillery production given our inexcusable refusal to build up our own military industrial complexes.

Iran has continued to expand their funding of terrorist groups like Hamas, and continues to pursue a nuclear weapon, all the while threatening to attack Israel and the West.

Hamas terrorists launched a horrific terror attack against Israel, committing acts so barbaric that it almost seems insulting to animals to apply that term to Hamas’ savagery.

Terrorist supporters are marching in the streets of our cities, as gutless politicians stand by and do nothing to stem the rising tide of vile anti-Semitic hatred.

Our military is in a state of near collapse, and the Liberals are planning to cut $1 billion from the already-starved force.

So, this is not 2015.

This is a world on the brink of massive war.

At best, we face decades of Cold War.

Thus, any ‘foreign policy speech’ that doesn’t acknowledge that there are – whether we like it or not – distinct ideological blocs, and doesn’t acknowledge the need to rapidly build up our military and regain our pride in Western values, is a speech that is at best worthless, and at worst dangerous.

Clearly, Melanie Joly is totally ill-suited for the role of Foreign Minister. But it’s not just her. The whole Trudeau cabinet shows zero understanding of how much the world has changed. Talking about ‘inclusivity’ and trying not to divide the world up is absurd when China, Russia, and Iran have already decided to form a bloc against the world’s democracies.

We can either respond to this reality and prepare for it, or we can bury our heads in the sand and listen to empty words from Joly GPT, only to be crushed by reality anyway in a far less prepared state.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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