As Top Hamas Terrorist Official Says October 7th Massacre Will Be Repeated “Again And Again,” The Moral Bankruptcy Of Those Calling For A Ceasefire Becomes More And More Apparent

Let there be no doubt on this point: Calling for a ceasefire now means siding with Hamas.

Hamas is a genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization.

That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

And it’s a fact that Hamas is more than willing to openly admit.

On October 24th, Ghazi Hamad – a top official in the Hamas ‘Political Bureau,’ stated that Hamas would “repeat the October 7th massacre time and again, 1 million times if we need to, until we end the occupation.”

When asked what he meant by “occupation,” he stated that he was referring to “all of Israel.”

This is a clear statement – as clear as a statement can be – that Hamas plans to commit genocide against Israel and that Hamas’ goal is the murder of all Jewish People living in Israel:

“Hamas: “we will repeat the October 7 massacre time and again, 1M times if we need to, until we end the occupation.“

Journalist: “occupation of Gaza?”

Hamas: “no, all of Israel.””

There’s absolutely nothing subtle or hidden about any of this.

It’s all out in the open.

After perpetrating one of the most brutal and savage terror attacks in human history, Hamas openly states they plan to do it again and again and again until everyone in Israel is dead.

With this being stated so brazenly by Hamas, we have to wonder how anyone can be pushing for a ceasefire at this point?

Why should Israel agree to a ceasefire with a genocidal terrorist organization?

Israel and Hamas already had a ceasefire when Hamas launched their barbaric October 7th attack.

Hamas broke the ceasefire and went on a savage spree of mass killing, mass rape, mass torture, and mass kidnapping.

Hamas is making it clear that they will do the exact same thing again the moment they have the power to do so again.

Thus, calling for a ceasefire is an objectively pro-Hamas position. It would reward Hamas, while punishing Israel. It would make it possible for Hamas to regroup, rearm, and then attack again.

Obviously, Israel cannot allow that to happen. Which means, Israel must destroy Hamas, and all of us who stand with Israel must stand with them as they destroy Hamas.

Anyone calling for a ceasefire now – like Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, the Greens, and some Liberal MPs – are morally bankrupt cowards who are proving not only that they can’t distinguish between a democratic nation like Israel and a genocidal terror group like Hamas, but that they also cannot be trusted to defend Canadians, defend the principles of Western Civilization, and defend against terrorism.

Thankfully, there are still many people showing a strong sense of principle.

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have been unified and steadfast in support of Israel.

And some Liberal MPs like Anthony Housefather are also making it clear that a ceasefire is unacceptable because of Hamas’ genocidal aims:

“For those naive enough to believe that Hamas’s goal is not the complete disappearance of the State of Israel and that a ceasefire would somehow be negotiated with and respected by Hamas this is an important interview to watch.”

Stand your ground, stand for what is right

If you’ve been watching people calling for a ceasefire and feeling that they were completely wrong to do so, you should trust in that feeling. You are absolutely right.

Calling for Israel to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas is not ‘pro-peace,’ it’s pro-terror, and those of us who actually support Israel, support the Jewish community, and support democracy and human rights have the wisdom to recognize that the morally just position is to support the defeat of Hamas.

Spencer Fernando

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