PATHETIC: The Entire NDP Caucus Is Now Calling For A Ceasefire

The NDP knows that a ceasefire would benefit Hamas and incentivize further terror attacks against Israel – attacks Hamas openly admits they will carry out. But that hasn’t stopped the pathetic NDP from making their garbage call for Canada to throw away all of our principles.

The NDP under Jagmeet Singh continues to show that they aren’t just a bunch of incompetent and naive fools, they are also a danger to the country and to our allies.

That’s the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn after the entire NDP Caucus has signed a letter calling for a ceasefire between democratic Israel and the genocidal Hamas terrorist organization:

“The entire federal NDP caucus has written to the Prime Minister to demand Canada call for a ceasefire today. Please read our urgent letter.”

This is absolutely pathetic, and absolutely disgusting.

Making it even more sick is that the NDP is calling for this on a day when the world is reacting to comments by a top Hamas official where he stated that Hamas intends to carry out many more terror attacks against Israel and wants to kill everyone in the Jewish State:

As Top Hamas Terrorist Official Says October 7th Massacre Will Be Repeated “Again And Again,” The Moral Bankruptcy Of Those Calling For A Ceasefire Becomes More And More Apparent

The NDP is choosing to advocate for a position that would not only reward Hamas, but would also put Canadian Citizens at risk.

If terrorists like Hamas are able to commit horrific atrocities and then get bailed out by a ceasefire before facing justice, they have every incentive to keep launching more and more attacks across the civilized world.

The radical extremism of the NDP is thus putting Canadians at risk, and must be denounced by all who value our rights and freedoms as Canadian Citizens, by all who support the Jewish Community, and by all who value Western civilization above barbarism.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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