As Imported Anti-Semitism Spreads, Canada Must Have A Real Conversation About Immigration

We can no longer ignore the need for both lower immigration levels, and a stronger focus on bringing in people who can integrate into a nation based on the Western values of individual rights, tolerance, religious freedom, and democracy.

If you bring in a bunch of people from countries where anti-Semitism runs rampant, respect for individual freedom, Women’s rights, religious pluralism, tolerance, and democracy are almost non-existent, and then do absolutely nothing to try and promote Western values to those newcomers, will your country become more like a free Western nation, or more like the oppressive places those newcomers arrived from?

We all know the answer.

And so, while it is deeply disturbing to see that Canada has imported some of the absolutely vile and rampant anti-Semitism from the Middle East, it is not really a surprise.

The dangerous combination

For quite some time, Canada has been very open to immigration from around the world. Under both Conservative and Liberal governments, Canada had a relatively high immigration rate when measured as a percentage of our population.

This was generally well-managed, as it was mostly focused on economic immigration, and took place under governments that supported Western civilizational values.

But under the Trudeau government, this openness to immigration has now been combined with something else:

An anti-Western mindset in the halls of power.

The Liberals have put Canada’s generous immigration system into overdrive, ramping up our yearly intake far beyond what the country can reasonably handle. At the same time, they have sought to cast Canada and the broader Western world as a negative force, something we should feel guilty about, demonize Canadian history, call Canada a ‘genocidal state,’ say there is an ‘ongoing genocide’ in Canada, and seeking to elevate other far less successful and far more dysfunctional civilizations above the West.

Predictably – since the vacuum created by an absence of a pro-Western Canadian national identity will be filled by something – this has led to a deepening of various fractured nationalisms within the country.

The problem of course is that many of those nationalisms turn out to be completely antithetical to the values upon which Canada is based.

This is a real dangerous to our nation, because if Canada is filled by those who are hostile to the Western world and hostile to Western values, this country won’t really be Canada anymore.

You can already see it starting to happen in how the government immediately jumps on any traditional Canadian Conservatives who protest, while doing nothing as ‘newcomer communities’ unleash vile anti-Semitism that has zero place in this country.

Canada is already slipping away.

And so, we must have a difficult conversation about immigration.

First of all, immigration numbers need to come down.

Our economy, our housing market, and our social services cannot withstands such a massive yearly influx.

Bringing in so many people so quickly also dissuades people from integrating, as rather than different groups coming together, you get massive groups of one set of newcomers.

Second, in addition to lowering the overall numbers, we need to have a frank look at where people are coming from.

For example, massive immigration from countries where radical Islamism is rampant, and where anti-Semitism is rampant, could pose a serious risk. Immigration from nations like that should be targeted and focused on affinity with Canadian values. For example, Middle Eastern Women’s rights activists, LGBT refugees, and those with a history of supporting religious tolerance would all be very compatible with Western values and Western civilization.

Now, let me make one thing clear. This is not about a blanket ban on any specific country, or any specific group of people. There is nuance and complexity here. For example, while the Iranian regime is completely incompatible with Canadian values, and while individuals in Canada waving the Iranian flag are showing themselves to be antithetical to what Canada stands for, some of the strongest, bravest, and most effective voices in favour of Western values, in support of Israel, and in opposition to radical Islam are Iranian-Canadians who left Iran. Ontario MPP Goldie Ghamari – who was born in Iran – is an example of the kind of person who came from an anti-Western country yet exemplifies the best of Western values:

“Waving that Ayatollah flag is the equivalent of waving the Nazi Flag.

The four individuals at this “pro-palestine” rally in Toronto are traitors to Canada.

They are a very real danger to our western society. They are terrorist sympathizers.

They support the terrorist and Holocaust denying Islamic Regime in Iran, a radical Islamofacist dictatorship. The middle of the flag says “Allah” and the writing on the red and green parts says “Allah-o Akbar”.

These people do not belong in Canada. They don’t deserve to be here.

Kick these 4 Islamic Regime sympathizers out of our country.

They should be deported back to the Islamic Regime in Iran.”


Thus, Canada should be a haven of freedom, individual rights, religious pluralism, and tolerance, which means we should be careful and selective about who we admit into this country. Bringing people from tolerant, democratic like minded countries, and those within non-like minded countries who exemplify a courageous commitment to Western values, should be welcomed, while bringing in huge numbers of people with a high likelihood of working against Western values should not.

This will be a difficult conversation, and a difficult change, but the alternative is to let Canada be slowly but surely turned into a nation that resembles the most oppressive and unfree places on Earth.

We we must not that to happen, and that’s why the immigration status quo in Canada is no longer tenable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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