Saving Tolerance In Canada Will Require Some Intolerance

We cannot tolerate barbaric anti-Semitic hatred. Putting limits on what we tolerate is the only way tolerance will be protected.

Let’s take a look at a perspective on the Paradox of Tolerance, as explained by writer Mark Manson:

“If everyone is tolerant of every idea, then intolerant ideas will emerge. Tolerant people will tolerate this intolerance, and the intolerant people will not tolerate the tolerant people. Eventually, the intolerant people will take over and create a society of intolerance. Therefore, Popper said, to maintain a society of tolerance, the tolerant must be intolerant of intolerance… hence the paradox.

Popper proposed the Paradox of Tolerance to explain why a German public full of otherwise good people allowed Hitler to come to power and commit so many atrocities. Since then, the Paradox of Tolerance has survived and has occasionally become a talking point in discussions about social justice. The idea is that it’s okay to be a piece of shit to someone because they, too, are a piece of shit.”

This is the paradox facing Canada right now.

Canada is indeed an incredibly tolerant nation, and that is by and large a good thing.

The Western world is in many ways based on tolerance. We tolerate all kinds of people, and all kinds of people are expected to tolerate each other. This is what makes Western nations the free havens of the world, the places people dream of living in and the places oppressed people seek to flee to.

But what happens when we begin to tolerate those who are determined to destroy our way of life and turn us into the same kind of oppressive hellhole many fled from in the first place?

Well, if we tolerate that, then our overall tolerance will be destroyed.

Tolerating the intolerant means the intolerant will win, while the tolerant lose.

Thus, for Canada – and the broader Western world – to remain tolerant, we will need to be a bit more intolerant.

As I said on Twitter and in a recent column, we must – where the law applies – arrest citizens and deport non-citizens who are supporting terror groups and inciting hatred against Jewish Canadians:

We must become intolerance of the barbaric anti-Semites who are seeking to destroy our way of life. A tolerant country cannot allow rabid anti-Semitism and support for terrorism to spread. We must take action, we must defend our Western values, we must stand up for the Jewish community, and we must make clear that the intolerant will not be tolerated in this nation.

Spencer Fernando


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