DISGUSTING: NDP MP Don Davies Shared Video With Vile Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

At this point, the virulent anti-Semitism within the NDP can only be denied by the most pathetic and dishonest radical partisans.

In the 1930’s, as Nazi Germany built up their military forces in preparation for a massive genocidal war, the NDP’s predecessor the CCF continued to push a naive pacificism that sought to avoid war at all costs – even at the costs of letting vicious anti-Semitic fascists rule the world.

Sadly, the NDP of today is continuing that disgraceful tradition.

The NDP has been revealed as the most anti-Semitic party in Canada by far, with countless NDP partisans and even elected officials choosing to ally themselves with radical Islamists who want to destroy Western civilization and normalize brutal anti-Semitic hate.

The latest individual to make it clear the NDP is the party of anti-Semitism is NDP MP Don Davies.

Davies Tweeted out a video that included vile anti-Semitic messaging, claiming Israeli’s commit ‘horrors’ and ‘do whatever they want’ because they are “the chosen people.”

In effect, Davies shared a video that made use of the same disgusting anti-Semitic tropes that the Nazis and radical Islamist fascists have used time and time again to try and ‘justify’ genocidal hatred towards Jewish People.

Davies, after receiving a massive backlash, subsequently deleted his Tweet, but the damage is done:

As always of course, this isn’t just a one-off.

Davies recently sought to compare Israel’s defensive war against the genocidal Hamas terrorists to the Russian dictatorship’s offensive war against Ukraine, completely ignoring that Russia is pro-Hamas and is a key ally of Hamas’ patron Iran.

Davies disgusting comparison was denounced by Conservative MP Shuv Majumdar, one of the most respected voices in Parliament when it comes to foreign policy:

“It is a condemnation of a democratic state that should never be tolerated in this chamber.”

MP Don Davies conflates #Israel’s lawful defense against #Hamas with #Russia’s illegal invasion of #Ukraine.

Thank you MP @shuvmajumdar for setting the record straight & emphasizing that anti-Zionism is #Antisemitism.”

Davies and the NDP are a disgrace to Canada

Let me be absolutely clear about what is happening. At a time when anti-Semitism is surging, at a time when Jewish businesses are being targeted for boycotts reminescent of 1930’s Germany, at a time when some Jewish People are thinking of leaving Canada, at a time when open calls for genocide against Jews are being screamed out at savage hate rallies on Canadian streets, an NDP MP chose to spread disgusting anti-Semitic propaganda.

In a reasonable world, Davies would be removed.

But of course, Jagmeet Singh has given every indication that he hates Israel, and the NDP is so filled with vile anti-Semites that Davies is probably getting high-fived behind the scenes.

Every day the NDP reveals not only that their claims to believe in human rights was a total fraud, but that they are a complete disgrace to this country and have zero allegiance to Canadian values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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