INSANITY: As Anti-Semitism Surges Out Of Control, Bill Blair Is Talking About “Islamophobia”

An absolute disgrace. What the hell is wrong with this government?

Today is the 85th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, and – as I noted in a recent article – there are many within this country who are trying to repeat that horrific day and repeat the genocide that followed.

We are seeing a massive surge of hate, threats, intimidation, and outright violence against the Jewish community, much of it driven by radical Islamists.

But rather than confronting this reality, the Liberal government has repeatedly and deliberately sought to draw a false equivalence anti-Semitism and ‘Islamophobia.’

Yet, to do so today, a day in which we learned two Jewish schools were shot at overnight, is not only appalling, but it seems almost insanely out-of-touch with reality:

“Today, I met with Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, @AmiraElghawaby. Islamophobia must have no place in Canada. We must and will work together to eradicate this hatred – and to build a more inclusive military culture in the @CanadianForces.”

Making Blair’s move even more insane is that just days ago, Elghawaby promoted a letter which sought to ‘contextualize’ Hamas’ horrific and savage barbaric crimes.

Pandering at its worst

What we are seeing is that the Liberals are still playing politics during a moment that is deadly serious for our nation.

The Jewish community in Canada is under attack, and many of those attackers are radical Islamists who hate Western values and who want to reshape our nation into an oppressive state.

By conflating anti-Semitism and ‘Islamophobia,’ Blair is sending a message that radical Islamists can whip up hate against Jewish People and then play the victim.

It’s a disgraceful and appalling move.

Our country cannot afford to be led by people with so little principle and so little willingness to address the real threats facing our nation.

Blair, Trudeau, and the Liberal government can’t be kicked out of office soon enough.

Spencer Fernando

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