The Canadian Government Must Assert Far Stricter Control Over Canada’s Universities

It’s not ideal, but the alternative is to allow our ‘higher-learning’ institutions to become hotbeds for anti-Semitism, anti-Western views, and collaboration with hostile regimes, none of which can be allowed to continue.

Generally, more centralization is a bad thing.

I’ve written many articles decrying centralization, and in most areas – particularly economic life and personal choices – that remains true.

However, I’ve also noted that centralization has its place in wartime.

And we are in a new Cold War.

Thus, there are some key areas where centralization is necessary.

The military is by its nature a very centralized institution. There is no competing military to the CAF, Canada only has one army, one air force, and one navy, and that’s exactly how it should be.

The procurement system is also centralized, and arguably needs much more centralization so the government can bypass normal procurement processes (which are completely broken), and mass purchase military equipment to rebuild our crumbling forces.

And now, it’s beyond obvious that our universities need to be far more centralized.

After horrific anti-Semitic mobs intimidated Jewish students at Concordia University, new footage has emerged of a University of Montreal professor telling a Jewish Student to “go back to Poland” before calling them a “wh*re”:

“University of Montreal (UdeM) Professor Yanise Arab yells at a Jewish student in Concordia to “go back to Poland, sharmouta (wh*re).”

Yanise teaches a course called “Dominations et résistances dans le monde arabe” and lists his areas of expertise as including “emigration and immigration.”

Many Canadian universities have long been known as hotbeds of anti-Semitism, yet those universities took no action. Even worse, they kept on hiring and promoting anti-Semites, and they contributed to an environment in which rabid anti-Semites feel comfortable threatening and demonizing Jewish students.

Thus, the universities have proven either unwilling or unable to stand up for Canadian values and remove anti-Semites in their midst, which is a clear failure of self-governance.

But it’s not just that.

Universities in this country are still cooperating with Communist China controlled Huawei:

According to the report, “The filing dates of these patents go back to early 2022, and it means Canadian universities are very actively building and transferring intellectual property to Huawei,” said Waterloo patent lawyer Jim Hinton, who provided the patent filing information to The Globe and also testified about the matter at the Commons committee on science and technology in October.”

So, despite clear government action, the universities have chosen to keep working with Huawei, rather than immediately cut off the CCP firm.

What this means is that the government action wasn’t strong enough. The universities should not even have the option to keep cooperating with Huawei.

Cold War reality

In a time of war, universities that allowed the propaganda of hostile foreign regimes to spread, and even cooperated with those hostile foreign regimes would have swift action taken against them.

But many Canadians are still unaware that we are in a new Cold War, and are thus acting as if all is normal.

So, we end up with our own ‘higher learning institutions’ being used as launching pads for imported anti-Semitism, advocacy for hostile regimes, and technological cooperation that benefits those regimes at our expense, and at the expense of our ally.

This cannot be allowed to continue.

The federal government – using their broad national security authority – must take swift action. A key step is to make co-operation with CCP controlled companies like Huawei completely illegal, and then actually enforce that by threats of prosecution of university officials that fail to immediately cease working with the CCP firm.

Another step is to enforce the laws against anti-Semitism and against supporting terrorist organizations, and by withholding all federal funding from universities that fail to do so. Many universities are heavily reliant on both federal and provincial funding, and this can be used as a cudgel to stop our universities from being platforms for imported hate and stop them from working against Canada’s interests. Universities must remove anti-Semites from positions of power, decertify anti-Semitic student groups/student unions, and cease all cooperation with hostile foreign states.

Not only can the federal government threaten to withhold funding from universities that don’t comply, but they can threaten to withhold funding from provinces that don’t in turn threaten to withhold funding from universities.

Not ideal, but necessary

I don’t enjoy writing any of this. I am not a fan of centralization, nor do I like the idea of the government using money as a threat.

Unfortunately, we have allowed our nation to become so weak, and many universities have so thoroughly failed at self-governance that we don’t have any ideal options.

In the face of a massive surge of anti-Semitism, and with some of our universities still cooperating with Chinese Communist Party-controlled firms, we simply have no choice but to expand the use of federal power to further centralize control over universities and stop them from being used by our enemies.

Spencer Fernando

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