WATCH: After Poilievre Asks What “Concrete Steps” Are Being Taken To Protect Jewish Canadians, Liberal Minister Responds With Zero Specifics

The government is acting as if they are just observing from the sidelines, as they abdicate their responsibility to stand against the rise of anti-Semitism in Canada.

Are you beginning to see it?

How the Liberal government, at a time of surging anti-Semitism, acts as if they are just distant observers of events?

The Liberals wanted the power that comes with running the federal government of a G7 nation, yet they seem to want none of the responsibility.

At this crucial moment, when the application of lawful state power is in fact desperately needed to quell the anti-Semites in our midst, the Liberals appear unwilling to acknowledge the severity of what is happening, and unwilling to take action.

We saw another example of this in how the Liberals responded to questions by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, when he asked what specific steps are being taken to protect Jewish Canadians:

“In Question Period, @PierrePoilievre asks “what concrete steps has @JustinTrudeau taken this week to protect Jews and all Canadians?”

@karinagould replies: “We condemn unequivocally the firebombing, shooting”.

Well then. That should do it, right?”

Poilievre’s question is the same one that decent Canadians have been asking for weeks now. What SPECIFIC actions are being taken.

Yet, with the rising tide of anti-Semitic hate now obvious for all to see, the Liberal response was an empty condemnation devoid of any specific action.

The government says they are ‘monitoring’ the situation, even though the situation includes threats of genocide, threats of terror, intimidation of an identifiable group, praise of terrorist organizations, and virulent hate at publicly-funded universities. That is to say, these are all areas where the government can – and must – exercise their authority.

The fact that the Liberals – always so eager to intervene – are standing back and watching this horrendous trend of rising hate against Jewish People continue is unacceptable.

We need to keep the pressure on and keep demanding the government take action, because standing aside and letting the anti-Semites gain the upper hand is something that must not be allowed to happen in this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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