Ban TikTok

We are in a new Cold War, and it’s time we start acting like it. We wouldn’t have let the German fascists or Russian communists control a major media platform, so why are we allowing Communist China to poison the minds of our citizens?

Is freedom of speech unlimited?

Of course not.

People are not free to target a specific person or group and then say they are going to murder them.

People are not free to make up lies about a business – claiming a restaurant is deliberately selling rancid food for example if they aren’t.

So, there are limits. And all of us – even those who would call themselves ‘free speech absolutists,’ recognize those limits.

The debate is always about where the line will be drawn.

As these debates continue, amid a surge in anti-Semitic hate speech and anti-Western propaganda online, something is often being left out of the conversation:

The fact that we are in a new Cold War.

In any war, countries – including democracies – recognize that foreign propaganda must be restricted.

We didn’t let the German fascists spread their propaganda freely within Canada.

We didn’t let the Soviet Union spread their propaganda freely within Canada. In fact, the Communist Party of Canada was repeatedly banned during earlier parts of the Cold War.

Even in recent times, the government has used its authority to ban ‘RT,’ a Russian propaganda outlet controlled by the Kremlin – which is itself controlled by former Communist KGB agent Vladimir Putin. 

That move was a partial recognition that allowing hostile foreign propaganda to spread within our country is incredibly foolish in the new Cold War environment.

But it didn’t go far enough.

The time has come for further action, including banning all CCP-controlled media organizations, and banning CCP-controlled TikTok.

In recent weeks, TikTok has witnessed an explosion in anti-Semitism and pro-terrorist content. The algorithm – controlled by CCP-linked ByteDance – has been feeding anti-Western propaganda to young people in massive numbers, and the app is increasingly being used by young people as their key source of information.

Considering that China is the biggest geopolitical adversary of the Western world (Russia is just as hostile but is less powerful overall than China), this would be the equivalent of having let a massive media distribution network be controlled by fascist Germany in WW2 or the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

Continuing to allow CCP-controlled TikTok to operate puts Canada and the Western world in escalating danger:

“We taught our children to think this way, we removed their moral defences against poisonous ideologies, and then we let our primary global enemy have unfettered access to them to influence what they see and think. This is our fault. And we still won’t do anything about it.”

Save the Western world

As I’ve said before, the Western world, Western Civilization, is something unique and special that must be saved. Right now, it’s under attack from all angles, with Woke ‘decolonizers,’ Russian fascists, radical Islamists, Chinese Communists, and their useful idiots on the far-left and far-right all seeking to bring the Western world down and snuff out freedom and democracy.

Allowing TikTok to continue operating means aiding and abetting the destruction of our own society, and our leaders need to wake up and take action. Why would we allow those who want to bring about the death of our society to control an app that influences the minds of our youth?

The fact is that this is a new Cold War, and it’s time to start acting like it.

Thus, TikTok must be banned.

Spencer Fernando


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