POLL: Support For Liberal Carbon Tax Continues To Crumble

A mere 15% of Canadians want the government to go ahead with planned increases to the tax.

The carbon tax is the cornerstone of the Liberal ‘climate plan,’ a plan they have promoted as being somehow necessary to save the planet despite Canada contributing to just a tiny fraction of global emissions.

Nevertheless, the Liberals have continued to push their climate plan even amid mounting evidence that it’s holding back the Canadian economy and making the cost-of-living crisis worse by robbing Canadians of our hard-earned dollars and disincentivizing investment.

With our economy in a slow-motion death spiral, many Canadians rightfully see the carbon tax as a key contributor to our economic malaise.

And now, a new Angus Reid poll shows support for the tax continues to crumble.

According to the survey, a mere 15% of Canadians want to see the carbon tax continue to increase. Since increasing the carbon tax is the Liberal government’s plan, that means just 15% support the current climate policy of the Liberal government.

Another 26% want the tax to remain frozen at the current level, while 17% want it to be reduced.

The largest group of respondents are the 42% of Canadians who want the carbon tax abolished completely.

There is also now majority opposition to the idea of the carbon tax itself.

36% say they strongly oppose the idea of ‘carbon pricing’ (AKA the carbon tax), while 20% moderately oppose it.

Just 14% strongly support carbon taxes, while 31% moderately support carbon taxes.

That’s 56% opposition and 44% support.

In 2018, 54% supported carbon taxes, and in 2021 that number had risen to 56%.

Now, just 44% do, and that number is likely to decline further. Turns out, Canadians liked the idea of carbon taxes when the policy seemed like it was going to be painless. Now that people are actually paying the tax and seeing the consequences, support is dropping fast.

Losing in the court of public opinion, and in court

While the Liberals lose in the court of public opinion, they’re also losing in actual courts.

A federal court has struck down the cabinet order that provided the foundation for the single-use plastics ban:

“The court says in a decision released today that it was not reasonable to say all plastic manufactured items are harmful because the category is too broad.

The decision has implications for the government’s ban of six single-use plastic items, including straws, grocery bags and takeout containers.”

What we are seeing is the result of Justin Trudeau putting a self-avowed socialist and eco radical like Steven Guilbeault into a position of power.

Guilbeault is out of touch with most Canadians, and he’s using his role of Environment Minister to impose an extreme anti-growth, anti-wealth, anti-prosperity, and anti-freedom eco agenda that hurts this nation.

As more and more Canadians wake up to this reality, we should expect to see even more opposition to the extremist environmental policies of Trudeau & Guilbeault.

Spencer Fernando


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