Toronto Star Columnist Hit With Community Note After Saying “We Don’t Know” “Whether Hamas Did This Or That” In Regards To Hamas’ Well-Documented Barbaric Terrorist Attack Against Israel

Despicable remarks.

Toronto Star journalist Shree Paradkar has been hit with a community note on Twitter (X), after her Tweet supposedly trying to ‘clarify’ another awful Tweet turned out to be just as bad if not worse.

The two original Tweets were documented by David Jacobs:

“The @TorontoStar’s @ShreeParadkar deleted a post that said we don’t know “who did what” and replaced it with a post that says, “we don’t know.”


Actually, we do know because it was recorded by Hamas! All of the rape, torture, murder, and kidnapping is well documented.”




Now, Paradkar – who is both a columnist and internal ombudsman for the Toronto Star – has been hit with a community note that makes it clear the world knows exactly who did what. Hamas did it, and what they did was a horrific terror attack that included mass rape, mass murder, mass torture, and mass kidnapping.

The Tweet and a screenshot – in case it is deleted – are included below:

This should be not only humiliating for the Toronto Star, but also should wake them up to what kind of environment they have fostered in their organization. One of their own employees can’t seem to bring herself to just acknowledge that it is well-known and well-documented – including by the Hamas terrorists themselves – that the genocidal anti-Semitic Hamas terrorist organization carried out the horrific attack.

Why would any media organization in this country allow someone on their staff to sow doubt about this?

Obviously, the Toronto Star should fire Paradkar. But given how much of the press has been willing to regurgitate Hamas statements almost verbatim while doubting everything Israel says, it’s likely that they’ll take no action whatsoever.

And that is a total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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