POLL: 70% Of Canadians Want Carbon Tax Exemption For All Home Heating Fuel

It’s only fair. And scrapping it completely would be even better.

The Liberals have so thoroughly undermined their own carbon tax policy that they are now in a lose-lose situation.

Either they expand the exemption they gave for home heating oil to all forms of home heating fuel and thus further admit that the carbon tax makes life more expensive, or they continue to give a targeted and politically motivated exemption to a pro-Liberal party of the country and thus further reveal that the carbon tax is nothing more than a politically-motivated scam.

Whichever the Liberals pick, it erodes any remaining support for the failed carbon tax policy.

A key mistake they made is that they violated our sense of fairness as Canadians. To give a break to a part of the country that votes more Liberal, while continuing to screw over the majority of Canadians is reminiscent of third-world type thuggish governance.

And so, it’s no surprise to see polls like the following:

“Support for expanding the carbon pricing exemption to all home heating fuel:

Support: 70%
Oppose: 30%

Leger / November 19, 2023 / n=1531 / Online”

The Liberal carbon tax – and the Liberal climate agenda – is a dead policy.

And whether it collapses in the next few months, or the next few years, it is crumbling under the weight of it’s own failure and hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando


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