OOPS: Liberal MP Admits Liberal Government Betrayed Ukrainian Farmers

A little bit of the truth slips through the endless Liberal lies.

As the Liberals and their pathetic media enablers do everything they can to try and polarize Canadians over the issue of Ukraine by putting a poison pill carbon tax into an already-existing trade deal, it seems one Liberal MP accidently went off script and revealed the truth.

The Liberals and NDP voted against a Conservative motion that would have enabled more munitions exports from Canada to Ukraine, which would have both helped to create good jobs here in Canada and helped Ukraine with what they need most – weapons to fight off Russia’s invasion.

Instead, the Liberal & NDP fools think Ukraine needs a carbon tax and have tried to claim the Conservatives are anti-Ukraine for opposing the imposition of a carbon tax on the war-torn nation.

Yet, when Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden spoke in the House of Commons, he accidently revealed what’s really going on:


While van Koeverdan obviously went off message, it’s probably the most truthful thing he’s said in the House of Commons.

The Liberals and the NDP apparently think Ukraine needs a carbon tax rather than artillery shells, which is yet another demonstration of how Trudeau and his pathetic ilk are both too weak and too partisan to actually conduct any kind of serious foreign policy.

Canadians should be disgusted by Trudeau’s willingness to play partisan political games on such an important issue.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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