If The Legacy Media Wanted To Salvage Their Credibility, They Should Have Refused Trudeau’s Bailout Money

They can’t have it both ways. They can’t take taxpayer money given to them by Trudeau – AKA a ‘bribe’ – and then claim that they deserve deference and respect.

We are watching a nearly unprecedented backlash against the legacy media take place online right now.

In the wake of a biased reporter and multiple biased media outlets attacking Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, people are pushing back like never before.

And while much of the pushback is related to the biased narrative the media is trying to spread, there is another reason.

A few days ago, the Liberals announced a massive new media bailout. The government – using our tax dollars – will now subsidize up to nearly $30,000 of the salary of reporters at media outlets.

This is a de facto nationalization of the media, and combined with Bill C-11 and Bill C-18 represents a clear attempt by the Liberal government to destroy the free press in this country.

Canadians are watching this happen, and then are watching media officials act as if they still deserve deference and respect.

The media wants to have it both ways. They want to force Canadians to give them our money, they want to take Trudeau’s ‘bribes,’ they want to relentlessly attack the Conservatives, and they want to become an extension of the Trudeau propaganda machine, all the while getting treated as if they are still real reporters.


Canadians are rightfully rejecting this.

Canadians are saying enough is enough.

If the media had really wanted to salvage some of their credibility, they all had to immediately and publicly reject Trudeau’s bailout money. They chose not to do so.

Instead, they’re taking the money, thus taking Trudeau’s bribes.

And now, they’ll have to live with the consequences as the Canadian People turn against them in larger and larger numbers.

Spencer Fernando


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