Anti-Semitic Barbarians Have No Place In Canada

Politeness and political correctness will not stop this wave of hate.

You are starting to see that Canadians are about halfway to getting it.

As people watch the truly vile nature of the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, pro-terror protests, Canadians are beginning to realize that there are many people within our country who are incompatible with our way of life.

Simply put, barbarians who want to destroy Western Civilization and turn back to the stone age are not expressing some sort of ‘diverse’ or ‘different’ point of view, they are rather making it clear that they do not want to adhere to any of the values upon which Canada is based. They don’t want to be a part of Canada, and we shouldn’t want them to be a part of Canada either.

A free society can only remain free if there is a baseline understanding among the populace that freedom is actually worth preserving.

Radical Islamists who believe that women should be oppressed like they are in the Middle East, who believe anti-Semitism should be normalized, who believe that LGBT people should be brutally oppressed, and who believe other faiths should be banned, are simply not compatible with Canada. Those attitudes cannot be allowed to spread, because the spread of those attitudes would result in everyone else losing their freedom.

When radical Islamists talk about ‘freedom,’ what they really mean is that they want the freedom to subjugate and oppress the rest of us. And so, in order to survive, a free open and tolerant nation must actually be intolerant towards those who would bring our civilization down.

Canadians need to take the next leap towards understanding this, and that will require putting away the politeness and political correctness that blocks us from speaking truthfully about the danger our nation faces.

Spencer Fernando


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