DISGRACE: Former Ontario NDP MPP Sarah Jama Was The Keynote Speaker At The CUPE Ontario ‘Human Rights Conference’

What the hell is going on?

Even as anti-Semitism surges on the left, the Ontario NDP clearly felt that Sarah Jama could not be brought back into their party.

The party’s provincial council voted down a motion to reinstate her, by about a 2-1 margin. Still the fact that so many in the upper echelon of the NDP wanted to keep her speaks volumes about how truly radicalized the left has become.

Additionally, Jama recently appeared at a rally alongside NDP MP Matthew Green where chants against Israel were shouted. The rally was organized by a group notorious for anti-Semitism, yet NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh – who previously campaigned in support of Jama – has taken ZERO action.

Jama had been kicked out after issuing a statement blaming Israel for the barbaric attack by Hamas terrorists, and for refusing to fully retract those comments or express any contrition:

This is what Jama said just three days after Hamas’ terror attack:


Jama’s remarks were a horrific example of victim-blaming, as she seemed to completely ignore the fact that vile Hamas terrorists were the ones who carried out the terror attacks, and instead sought to blame Israel.

Before her removal from the Ontario NDP Caucus, Jama had been censured by the Ontario Legislature.

Jama had also added her name to an open letter that denied Hamas’s rapes of Israeli women, before asking for her name to be removed after a backlash.

In short, Jama is about the last person you would think to have speak at a ‘human rights conference,’ let alone be the Keynote speaker.

So of course, that’s exactly what CUPE Ontario did:

This is no surprise unfortunately. CUPE Ontario is led by Fred Hahn, who put out a celebratory Tweet shortly following Hamas’ subhuman actions, where he said “Resistance is fruitful and no matter what some might say, resistance brings progress,” attached to an image that said “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

To say this is all disgusting would be an understatement.

CUPE Ontario is currently facing a human rights claim filed by some of their Jewish members, who say they have faced systemic discrimination and anti-Semitism:

“The respondents have collectively engaged in systemic discrimination against the complainants by promoting and engaging in antisemitism. This has caused the complainants to feel isolated, unwelcome, scared, silenced, discriminated against, threatened and harassed.”

Clearly, CUPE knows exactly what message they are sending by having Jama be a keynote speaker, and it’s a message that all Canadians must reject.

As Richard Marceau said on Twitter, this is “sick.”

There can be no room for anti-Semitism in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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