Canada’s Declining GDP Is Even Worse Given How Fast Our Population Is Increasing

There’s a reason Canadians feel like they are falling behind. They are.

There is a deep sense of malaise in our nation.

People are losing hope.

People feel the future will be worse than the present, and that the present is worse than the past. 

People feel that they are falling behind bit by bit every day.

And they are right to feel that way.

Things are indeed getting worse in Canada, and Canadians are indeed falling behind.

Today we learned that our economy contracted 1.1% on an annualized basis in Q3.

While that is obviously bad enough on its own, it is even worse when you consider how fast our population is growing.

We won’t know the full population growth numbers until the end of the year, but with the Liberals ramping up immigration we should expect population growth to at least be in line with last years numbers.

That would mean we would be looking at population growth of roughly 3%.

The Liberal government has often – and erroneously – hyped up population growth as a key economic driver, ignoring the fact that simply piling more people into the country says nothing about the actual productivity of that economy and says nothing about how each individual Canadian is doing.

With that in mind, you would at least expect a country with such rapid population growth to be posting some decent raw GDP growth numbers.

For a country to grow so quickly population wise while decline in raw GDP terms would be an absolute disaster and a brutal indictment of the sitting government.

And that is exactly what’s happening in Canada.

Under the Liberal-NDP Pact and their extremist immigration policies and extremist eco-radical policies, our economy is now shrinking even as the population surges.

As long as Trudeau & Singh remain in positions of power, things are going to keep getting worse.

Spencer Fernando


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