CTV Is The Latest Legacy Outlet To Disgrace Itself

Why would anyone trust the media when they are so dominated by anti-Western, anti-Canadian, anti-Israel far-left extremists?

A point I’ve long been making about the legacy press is that while their names and brands remain the same, they aren’t at all what they once were. They have been hollowed out, with once-venerable and balanced reporters and staff having largely been replaced with radical far-left extremists.

A whole generation of people raised on anti-Western, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, and anti-Canadian narratives now largely runs the legacy media. Thus, the legacy media is no longer operated much like a business or as an institution devoted to keeping government accountable, but rather as far-left activist groups meant to push extremist narratives while hiding behind brands that still held some trust.

But as time goes on, Canadians are waking up to this more and more, as the gap between the once-venerable brands and the reality of what those legacy outlets now are becomes impossible to deny.

This has really escalated since Hamas’s horrific terror attack against Israel on October 7th.

Many Canadian legacy outlets – CBC chief among them – absolutely disgraced themselves by refusing to call Hamas what they are – terrorists – and by publishing headlines like the one below which called into question Hamas’ undeniable rape of Israeli women and completely ignored Hamas’ responsibility for killing Canadian peace activist Vivian Silver:

And now, CTV News has disgraced themselves yet again:


Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre condemned CTV News for their horrendous mischaracterization of the Rally for the Jewish People:

“We are deeply disturbed by @CTVNews misrepresenting yesterday’s peaceful “Rally for the Jewish People” in Ottawa that was attended by thousands of Jews, including students and Holocaust survivors, as being pro-war. The poignant pleas from the families of those held hostage by Hamas, as well as those whose loved ones were murdered, were anything but.

We call for a retraction and an apology.”

We continue to see why the legacy press is collapsing and losing all trust among Canadians, and why more and more people are turning to independent media.

The legacy press as it once existed is now only a memory. In its place are a bunch of radical far-left extremists who continue to destroy their own credibility.

Spencer Fernando

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