The NDP Is Now A ‘Safe Space’ For Anti-Semites

Jagmeet Singh’s refusal to take action on anti-Semitism should be getting way more attention.

Let’s take a look at what NDP MP Don Davies has been saying lately:

Davies horrendous Tweet was ultimately deleted, only to be replaced by a message that isn’t that much different:

Of course, Davies is completely wrong.

Israel is not committing genocide, as any look at the population of Gaza over the decades would reveal.

If Israel wanted to, it could completely destroy everyone in Gaza. Instead, Israel gives warnings of impending air strikes, and designates zones of safety for civilians.

Meanwhile, it is Hamas that openly calls for genocide, it is Hamas that deliberately embeds itself in the civilian population, and it is Hamas that prolongs the war by refusing to release all the hostages and surrender.

But of course, you never hear that from the NDP.

While Singh should condemn and then remove Davies, we know that won’t happen.

And that’s because the NDP is proving to be Canada’s ‘safe space’ for anti-Semites.

While not everyone in the NDP is anti-Semitic, it seems to be the party of choice for anti-Semites.

As much of the Canadian left have been exposed as virulent anti-Semites and as hostile to Western Civilization, Jagmeet Singh and his party have pandered to those attitudes, and have repeatedly pushed for a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas.

If Jagmeet Singh and the NDP had their way, Israel would be left open to endless attacks, but would never be able to respond.

Further, most of the city politicians giving in to anti-Semitism are left-wingers, many of which are linked to the NDP and far-left causes.

The fact that this isn’t getting more attention is appalling, but not surprising.

Much of the Canadian legacy press is now similar to the NDP – a haven for anti-Semites and radical left-wing extremists.

And so, it’s up to us to continue holding the NDP accountable for their willingness to pander to and even embrace anti-Semitic attitudes.

Spencer Fernando


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