Australia Is Slashing Immigration

Canada must do the same.

As the Canadian government pushes ahead with reckless, unpopular, and economically-destructive immigration increases, Australia is going in the other direction.

The country has announced that they will slash immigration from 510,000 to 250,000 by June of 2025.

Immigration levels have hit a record high in Australia, leading to some of the same problems Canada faces – out of control housing costs, overstretched infrastructure, and overwhelmed social programs.

Unlike the Canadian government however, Australia is actually listening to public opinion and taking action.

Australia is also seeking to increase societal cohesion by toughening up English language standards for newcomers. In Canada, the Liberals weakened official language standards, meaning more people have come into the country without the language proficiency necessary for integration and success in the workforce.

Australia’s move highlights how truly out of touch the Liberal government is here in Canada, as Trudeau and his radical ilk continue to subject the Canadian People to extremist immigration policies that are substantially harming our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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