Liberal ‘Climate Action’ Has Been A Scam From The Beginning

Not only has ‘climate action’ screwed over Canadian taxpayers and made our nation poorer, it hasn’t even achieved anything in terms of the environment.

The Liberals have staked their political fortunes on ‘climate action.’

The government has been running more and more ads touting all their ‘climate’ policies, while feeding into fear-mongering regarding the ‘climate crisis.’

These ads are little more than Liberal Party ads, except our tax dollars are being used to fund it.

It’s little surprise the Liberals are going all out to try and use state propaganda to sell their policies, because Canadians are waking up to what a scam all of this is.

A whistleblower has revealed what he calls an “egregious cover-up” at the Green slush fund, with $150 million of taxpayer dollars being misappropriated.

“EGREGIOUS COVER-UP”: Whistleblower Testifies $150 Million In Taxpayer Money Was Misappropriated From Trudeau’s $1 Billion Green ‘Slush Fund’

Canadians also continue to turn against the carbon tax, as people realize the Liberals are making the cost-of-living crisis worse.

And now, it turns out that Liberal ‘climate action’ doesn’t even achieve any results for the environment:

“BREAKING Canada has placed 62nd out of 67 countries on this year’s Climate Change Performance Index. Down from 58th last year! Justin Trudeau’s failed environmental policies are not only costing Canadians- but they’re also not working!”

This is exactly what a scam looks like: Your money gets taken by the government and given to Liberal insiders connected to ‘green firms.’ Canada gets poorer and we fall behind other nations. We lose out on oil & gas profits while hostile regimes like Iran & Russia enrich themselves at our expense. And to top it all off, Canada lags behind much of the world on actual environmental improvements.

At this point, anyone who still supports Liberal ‘climate action’ is either a total fool, or is in on the scam and expects to directly benefit from the misuse of our tax dollars.

Either way, the total repeal of all the Liberal climate policies can’t happen soon enough.

Spencer Fernando


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