We Must Fully Reject The “Decolonization” Narrative

Calling Canada a ‘colonial state’ is a way to delegitimize our history and undermine Western Civilization. The fact that many leftists use the same language in disgusting attempts to ‘contextualize’ Hamas’ terrorist acts only goes to show we can’t cede an inch of rhetorical ground to them.

Take a look at this clip:

“More on the morally bankrupt state of Canadian education: this woman asserts, based on her knowledge of the struggle for Indigenous rights learned in Canadian classrooms — that the Hamas Oct 7 rapes and murders were justified.”

As horrific as it seems, this woman’s attitude isn’t exactly an outlier at Canadian universities.

Many of our institutes of ‘higher-learning’ have been completely overtaken by Marxists, Islamists, and other lunatics who want to see Canada and the Western world destroyed.

And since Hamas’ massacre of Israelis on October 7th, many of those far-left radicals have sought to ‘contextualize’ Hamas barbaric and savage evil using a ‘decolonial lens.’

This is a clear attempt by the leftists to create the rhetorical and ideological space for the justification of violence against the Canadian People.

And we cannot stand for it.

For a long time, many well-meaning reasonable Canadians went along with the narrative of Canada as a ‘colonial state.’ They dutifully went along with the land acknowledgments, and went along with claims that Canada is a genocidal nation.

But now, it’s time for people to wake up and realize that by going along with that narrative, they are sowing the seeds of disorder, chaos, and violence.

Whoever dictates the rhetorical terms of the debate wins the debate, so going along with the idea that Canada is a colonial state and that we are ‘settlers’ means letting the radical left win without a fight.

Instead, we have to reassert that Canada is a nation based on the principles of Western Civilization, and that we are CITIZENS, not ‘settlers.’

We cannot allow the delegitimization of our country to go unchallenged, especially when the same people pushing the ‘decolonial’ narrative have shown how willing they are to justify violence to achieve their extremist ends.

Spencer Fernando


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