WATCH: James Bezan Exposes Liberal Hypocrites For Their Repeated Votes Against Ukraine & Appeasement Of Russia

The Liberals are now lying at a rate which calls into question their mental state.

The Liberals continue to descend into new depths of dishonesty, as they show their contempt not only for the Canadian People, but for the truth.

With their brazen lies, Trudeau and his disgusting ilk give every indication that they hate Canadians, and that’s not even considering their deliberate attempt to take away your money and make you and your family poorer.

We are dealing with a government this wrecking our nation from within, in a way we have never seen before in Canadian history.

And the huge Liberal drop in the polls seems to have mentally unhinged Trudeau and his acolytes, as they have become completely divorced from reality.

The media is complicit in this, as they have allowed themselves to be bought off and turned into Trudeau’s loyal and pathetic lapdogs.

Over and over again, the Liberals have sought to portray the Conservatives as anti-Ukraine, even though the Liberals have repeatedly voted against Ukraine and even sought to appease Russia.

The media has refused to share the truth about the hypocrisy of the disgusting Liberals, and have instead chosen to simply repeat Trudeau & Freeland’s lies verbatim.

But in Question Period, Conservative Defence Critic James Bezan effectively exposed the immense hypocrisy of the Liberals when it comes to Ukraine and Russia, and it’s worth watching and sharing his remarks to help ensure the truth is revealed:

“I called out the Liberals for their political games with Ukraine’s future. Liberals are misleading Ukrainians and Canadians. Conservatives will always stand with Ukraine in their fight against Russian tyranny!”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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