WATCH: MP Shuv Majumdar Demolishes Question From CTV ‘Reporter’ After She Implies Moral Equivalence Between Israel & Hamas

What the hell is going on at CTV?

It’s undeniable at this point.

CTV has been taken over by people who despise the values of the free nations of the Western world.

Whatever CTV may try and promote itself as, it is now an organization that does the bidding of the far-left, and is completely out of touch with Canadian Values.

Over and over again, CTV has been extremely biased against Israel, and it’s happened so often that there is no way it can be dismissed as a mistake.

And today, it happened again.

At a press conference calling for Canada to impose sanctions on Hamas and pushing for the release of hostages Hamas took when they broke the ceasefire on October 7th, CTV ‘reporter’ Judy Trinh said it was ‘idealistic’ to make a call for Hamas to release hostages ‘outside’ of the ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Gaza.

Clearly, Trinh was drawing a false moral equivalence between Israel’s military action against Hamas, and Hamas massacre, rape, torture, and kidnapping of civilians.

Trinh made no mention of Hamas, made no mention that Hamas started the conflict, and made no mention of Hamas being a terrorist organization.

Thankfully, Conservative MP Shuv Majumdar – who is one of the most respected voices on foreign policy and Canadian values in this country – immediately countered the biased nature of the question and made clear that any attempt to make a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas is completely unacceptable:

“During a news conference urging #Canada to impose comprehensive sanctions on Hamas & its allies, @CTV’s @judyatrinh tries to draw a moral equivalence between Israel & Hamas.

Thank you @shuvmajumdar for shutting down this question.

@judyatrinh: There is ZERO moral equivalence.”

This is what we all need to do. Constantly stand against the corrupted legacy press, push back against their dishonest narratives, and ensure the truth prevails.

Canadian values and Western Civilization are under attack, and we continue to see that much of the legacy press stands against us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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