Liberals Plan To Reward Illegal Immigrants For Breaking The Rules

Ahead of an election, this massive vote-buying effort will also incentivize further illegal immigration at a time when Canada is already taking in far too many people.

If you want more of something, reward it.

If you want less of something, punish it.

That’s a basic aspect of human nature that remains unchanging.

And so, we must view government policies through that lens.

If you want more crime, ease punishment for criminals.

If you want less crime, increase punishment for criminals.

If you want less economic growth, increase taxes.

If you want more economic growth, cut taxes.

If you want to dissuade hostile nations from starting a war, build up your own military as a deterrent.

If you want to encourage hostile nations to start a war, weaken your own military.

On and on it goes. It’s all pretty simple, because human nature isn’t really that complex at the end of the day.

And so, what are we to make of news that the Liberals plan to ‘create a path to citizenship’ for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants?

Liberal Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced that the government is planning to institute “a broad an comprehensive program” that would let illegal immigrants – including temporary foreign workers and international students who overstayed their visas – become permanent residents.

This could amount to between 300,000 and 600,000 people.

This is unacceptable.

It’s insulting to the Canadian People who follow the rules.

It’s insulting to New Canadians who entered this country legally and became Citizens the right way.

And it will incentivize even more illegal immigration, because it amounts to rewarding those who broke the law.

When Canada invites someone in, and that person overstays their welcome, they have broken the law and taken advantage of our generosity. To reward them will encourage more people to violate the law and disrespect our country.

The Liberals are making it clear that they are intent on trying to buy votes, while imposing an economically destructive, societally destabilizing set of extremist immigration policies against the will of the Canadian People.

Canada should be slashing immigration numbers, not rewarding illegal immigrants.

Spencer Fernando


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