Order Must Be Restored, Or Canada Will Be Lost

If we give in to mobs of anti-Semites – who also happen to hate Canada and the Western world – our nation will be lost.

This nation is falling into disorder.

Years of our nation being undermined from within by ‘post-national’ politicians like Justin Trudeau, combined with massive immigration increases and ‘selective policing’ where the aggression of the police response depends on the political/ideological affiliation of the protesters, has now led us to this:

These anti-Semitic protesters clearly feel completely untouchable and completely emboldened.

And why wouldn’t they?

They’ve been given near total free rein to threaten Jewish Canadians, threaten Canada, threaten the Western world, and now to even threaten police officers and shoppers going about their business, all without being arrested.

They are using primitive – but time-tested – tactics: Continually push the boundaries through displays of physical force and intimidation to see how far they can go.

And it turns out, they can go quite far indeed. With the authorities from the top down completely backing down and giving in, the rabid anti-Semites are winning.

Of course, if this continues, it will lead to the loss of our nation.

If order is not restored – if the anti-Semites are not arrested and charged, if we refuse to ban the IRGC, if we refuse to crackdown on terror-connected organizations within our nation – then our nation will be lost.

It’s that simple.

Either we restore order, or Canada will fall into the hands of those who are hell-bent on destroying this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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