Three Additional Charges Added Against Ottawa Youth Arrested For Alleged Terror Plot

Two explosives charges, along with a charge for facilitating terrorist activity have been added.

Three additional charges have been added to the case of the Ottawa ‘youth’ arrested for allegedly planning a terror attack against the Jewish community.

The individual – who has not been named by authorities – faces two new explosives charges, and a new count of facilitating terrorist activity:

The youth is already facing charges of “facilitation of a terrorist activity by communicating instructional material related to an explosive substance.”

Additionally, a man with a name matching that of the father of the youth arrested made posts attacking Jews, and calling for ‘getting rid’ of all Israelis.

The posts were subsequently removed.

These arrests come amid a surge of anti-Semitism, with rabid anti-Semitic mobs being given free rein to spread terror in Canadian cities.

Further, the recent arrests of three youth in Calgary on terror-related charges shows that anti-Semites are emboldened like never before amid the appalling weakness of the Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando