HUMILIATION: In Desperate Damage-Control Move After Hamas Thanks Canada, Melanie Joly Misleads Canadians About The Awful Resolution Canada Voted For At The United Nations

No amount of pathetic spin can erase the fact that genocidal Hamas terrorists are praising Canada because of the craven cowardice of Melanie Joly & Justin Trudeau.

In terms of our reputation as a country, today was one of the worst days in Canadian history.

Hamas – the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorists who carried out one of the most horrendous displays of savagery, barbarity, and pure evil on October 7th – are praising our country because of what Melanie Joly & Justin Trudeau did.

Breaking with our historic norms, Joly & Trudeau directed Canada to vote for a UN resolution that called for a ceasefire without even mentioning Hamas. Thus, such a ceasefire would leave Hamas in power to launch further attacks against Israel.

Joly & Trudeau tried to hide this by claiming what they really supported was a statement issued alongside Australia and New Zealand, which said Hamas had no future role in the governance of Gaza.

But that statement wasn’t what the UN resolution said.

In fact, the resolution explicitly went out of the way to make it clear it was not condemning or even mentioning Hamas:

“The resolution does not condemn Hamas or make any specific reference to the extremist group.”

That is what Canada voted for.

If Joly & Trudeau really believed that the letter they signed alongside Australia and New Zealand was what the UN resolution should have said, then they should have voted AGAINST the UN resolution.

But they didn’t.

They voted for it.

They made their choice.

They chose to vote for a resolution that called for a ceasefire without mentioning Hamas.

Thus, they voted to express their intent to keep Hamas in power.

Worst of all, they did this in our name.

The vote doesn’t say ‘Joly & Trudeau,’ it says Canada.

And so, evil Hamas terrorists are now thanking our nation:

And so, you can see how dishonest Melanie Joly’s desperate damage control statement is:

Again, the UN resolution that CANADA VOTED FOR said NONE OF THAT.



After voting for that garbage, after siding with genocidal anti-Semitic terrorists, Joly and Trudeau don’t get to try and worm their way out of it with statements absolutely packed with lies.

They have to own it.

This is who they are:

A bunch of gutless craven cowards who chose to abandon Israel and abandon the Jewish community in order to try and win a few votes by playing footsie with genocidal Hamas terrorists.

All Canadians – true Canadians – are absolutely disgusted by Joly & Trudeau.

They are a disgrace to our nation, and it’s humiliating that we as Canadians are associated with such horrendous examples of our country.

Spencer Fernando


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