WATCH: Jagmeet Singh Fails To Explain Why NDP Motion Doesn’t Condemn Hamas Or Call On Hamas To Surrender

The NDP is choosing to push a motion that would benefit a genocidal terrorist organization.

At a press conference regarding the NDP motion calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza that would leave Hamas in power, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was questioned on exactly that.

A reporter asked Singh why the NDP motion fails to condemn Hamas, and fails to call for Hamas to surrender. The reporter also accurately noted that this would result in Hamas potentially being a part of the new ‘Palestinian state’ the NDP is calling for Canada to unilaterally recognize.

Unsurprisingly, Singh didn’t have an answer, and instead attempted to talk around the question:

“NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is asked why his radical anti-Israel motion, which recognizes Palestine as a state, does not contain any language condemning the terrorist group Hamas and its attacks on Israel.”

Singh and the NDP are choosing to push a motion that does the bidding of Hamas.

And that means every MP who votes for it is making a clear and despicable choice to stand against Canadian Values, stand against Israel, and stand against the Jewish community.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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