Ottawa Makes The Right Call, Reverses Cancellation Of Israel Independence Day Event

Leadership isn’t about avoiding mistakes – since that is impossible. Leadership is about correcting mistakes quickly, which is what Ottawa appears to be doing.

The City of Ottawa is reversing its heavily criticized move to cancel the Israel Independence Day ceremony.

A few days ago, I posted the following video slamming the move:

Now, the Mayor of Ottawa – Mark Sutcliffe – has announced the city will seek to hold the event after all:

“Like all residents of our city, Ottawa’s Jewish community deserves to gather whenever it chooses in an environment that is free from hate, violence, and racism. This is fundamental to a city that is free and democratic. Over the past two days, I have listened carefully to members of the community and I agree that they, and everyone in our community, should be able to hold events in public spaces without fear of threats and intimidation. My responsibility is to do everything possible to protect the safety of all members of our community. I’ve asked the chief of police and city officials to work with the Jewish Federation of Ottawa on a plan for an event to mark Israel’s Independence Day while protecting the security and safety of everyone involved. We must ensure that members of the Jewish community – and all residents of our city – can gather whenever they choose to do so in safety, and free from intimidation and fear. We must continue to support our Jewish community, which is experiencing increasingly higher levels of anti-semitism. Let’s all work together to ensure our city is safe and free from violence and racism in all its forms.”

This is a good move by Sutcliffe. While the initial decision to cancel it was horrendous, the reversal at least shows that pressure works, and that there is still some pushback against the anti-Semitic mobs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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