Will Trudeau, Singh, Joly & Other Liberal-NDP Politicians Apologize For Quoting Hamas’ False Casualty Numbers?

Nope. Instead, they’ll keep pandering to anti-Semites.

The United Nations has finally admitted what any common-sense person could have told them months ago:

Trusting a genocidal psychopathic terror organization like Hamas to be honest about casualty figures was a huge mistake.

And now, the UN is ‘revising‘ the numbers much lower.

On May 6, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said 9,500 women had been killed in the war between Israel & Hamas. Additionally, they said 14,500 children had been killed.

But then, on May 8, they changed the numbers. Now, the UN says 4,959 women have been killed, while 7,797 children have been killed.

This is a notable shift because it means a much larger portion of those killed have been men – aka largely Hamas terrorists.

This also makes the combatant-to-civilian casualty ratio about 1:1, which is quite impressive in urban warfare. It completely demolishes any claim of ‘genocide,’ and makes it clear that Israel is in fact fighting quite humanely and doing everything it can to reduce civilian casualties, even as Hamas terrorists hide behind civilians in a deliberate effort to drive those casualties up.

And that brings us to this question:

Will Liberal-NDP politicians like Justin Trudeau, Melanie Joly, and Jagmeet Singh apologize for having quoted Hamas false numbers?

Will they apologize for demonizing Israel based on lies?

Will they apologize for pushing the propaganda of Hamas terrorists who kidnapped and murdered Canadian Citizens?

Of course not.

Instead, they’ll keep pandering to anti-Semites and keep siding with the radical Islamists and Communists who want to destroy our nation.

Spencer Fernando


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